testimonials Updated accurately about the collection date and expected time. Cleared away the rubbish without problems.

  • Trisha Davies
  • 18Jul 2024

testimonials From start to finish, the service was very efficient! Punctual and left the place spotless after debris removal. Highly recommend.

  • F. Longstaff
  • 08Jul 2024

testimonials Everything was well planned and executed from start to finish, making it a hassle-free experience.

  • H. Jonkers
  • 17Jun 2024

testimonials Magnificent service. The crew was highly helpful and efficiently removed all the junk from my garden and home.

  • Audrey Renoir
  • 06Jun 2024

testimonials I am beyond appreciative of the expert, timely, and thorough help provided in clearing my property. Highly recommended without hesitation.

  • Moira D.
  • 27May 2024

testimonials Working with House Junk Disposal has been an absolute pleasure. Not only were they highly reliable and accommodating during both of my interactions with them in recent weeks, but their professionalism shone through every step of the way.

  • Al Glover
  • 17May 2024

testimonials What an outstanding job executed by such pleasant individuals! Can't wait to tell my friends about this remarkable service.

  • Debbie Meadenham
  • 29Apr 2024

testimonials This dependable and cost-efficient rubbish removal provider has made a world of difference for our business - thank you for your incredible work!

  • Mark Rodrigez
  • 11Apr 2024

testimonials Express response! My initial encounter with this company. They quickly assessed my picture and gave me an estimated quote that was quite close to the final total.

  • Angie H
  • 28Mar 2024

testimonials Our handling van was transported unblemished, on schedule and parked where we requested.

  • Blanche G.
  • 15Mar 2024

testimonials Thanks to their intuitive booking system, I had no trouble scheduling for service on short notice, and two fantastic guys were there right on time ready to lend a hand.

  • Natalie Jenkins
  • 05Mar 2024

testimonials In a world where customer service is often lacking, Home Clearance London stands out as an exception.

  • F. L.
  • 24Feb 2024

testimonials Reliable and timely rubbish collectors who offered excellent assistance.

  • Leonard H.
  • 14Feb 2024

testimonials The movers' punctuality added to my ease of mind during the process of having my mattress collected by them.

  • Gemma N.
  • 04Feb 2024

testimonials They were right on target with their arrival time for picking up my mattress, impressing me with their efficiency.

  • Casey Ryan
  • 04Feb 2024

testimonials Their promptness in arriving at the scheduled time demonstrated their commitment to their customers.

  • Wiley
  • 04Feb 2024

testimonials Thorough and congenial service from a crew who offered straightforward pricing with no sneaky fees.

  • Gia R.
  • 25Jan 2024

testimonials If you want a reliable and efficient rubbish removal service, look no further than London House Clearance - their team went above and beyond in terms of friendliness and efficiency.

  • James
  • 15Jan 2024

testimonials Without hesitation, I would choose Home Clearance London as my top recommendation for any waste clearance needs.

  • Richard F.
  • 20Dec 2023

testimonials Payment amount suitable for provided services with phenomenal communication; wonderful junk collection service!

  • Celeste K.
  • 27Nov 2023

testimonials First-rate service from London House Clearance yet again. This was the second time I've used their services and will continue to do so for ANY clearing job around my residence.

  • Lucy
  • 14Nov 2023

testimonials Punctuality was displayed and the assignment was accomplished swiftly.

  • Jeremy Hinds
  • 27Jul 2023

testimonials Entirely content with what House Clearance Services London delivered in terms of rubbish disposal aid. The personnel came right on time and delivered quality workmanship throughout the endeavour. Furthermore, they provided me with a special discount - terrific!

  • Evelyn Jenkins
  • 01Mar 2023

testimonials I was looking for a good house clearance service when I found your company online. You helped me with all of my junk removal needs, and your prices are fantastic too!

  • Alice
  • 07Sep 2021

testimonials I just wanted to say thanks for your great furniture disposal service yesterday! Your team helped me out when I couldn't do it myself because of the heavy lifting involved. They were great and will be my first choice next time!

  • Megan
  • 12Aug 2021

testimonials I've never been happier with a house clearance company! Their team helped me so much. All of the rubbish went away, and I was left with some cash too.

  • Emily
  • 17Jul 2021

testimonials I was desperate to find a junk clearance service that could clear up all of my rubbish for me and, thanks to your company, I did just that! Your prices are great, and the workers who helped me were very nice too.

  • John
  • 15Jun 2021

testimonials Thanks to your wonderful furniture collection service, I've got a whole load of space saved up now! My bedroom was full of junk, but your guys worked hard to clear it all out for me!

  • Stephanie
  • 23May 2021

testimonials You can't imagine how happy we were to find out that your home clearance company could perform rubbish collection at our place! Your team handled everything quickly.

  • Ben
  • 24Apr 2021

testimonials I was impressed with the great work done by your office clearance team. They did so much more than we expected and were very courteous! Thanks!

  • Millie
  • 21Mar 2021

testimonials No matter how much we cleaned up our office, there was always junk left in the corners, and it drove me crazy! Your commercial waste disposal service came to the rescue though.

  • Mary
  • 04Feb 2021

testimonials I didn't want to hire someone inexperienced for my home clearance job, which is why I called your company. Your team did such a fantastic job and was very experienced indeed!

  • Kevin
  • 27Jan 2021

testimonials Your garden waste collection service is fantastic, and your staff are a credit to your company! They did such a good job, plus they easily disposed of all of my junk too. Thank you so much!

  • Nancy
  • 06Nov 2020

testimonials Hired Home Clearance London to sort out a rubbish disposal service for me and did it superbly well, would use again. The team were fast and reliable too. Thanks a lot.

  • Edward W.
  • 20Aug 2019

testimonials This rubbish clearance service was second to none. I rate House Junk Disposal highly as a very professional company.

  • L. Kelly
  • 06Jun 2018

testimonials We hired Home Clearance Company after we got pests because of all the leftover waste the council didn't collect. Best investment ever, thanks to their rubbish removal service, we are now rat and litter free - just hope it stays that way or we'll be calling them in again.

  • A. Jackson
  • 23Mar 2018

testimonials Best company, lowest prices for rubbish removal. Home Clearance Company are good people.

  • S. Para
  • 20Feb 2018

testimonials My property clearance task called for professionals. I certainly got professionals from LondonHouseClearance. It was an unbelievable service.

  • Brandon M.
  • 16Jan 2018

testimonials I was told by several people to try out House Clearance Services London when I needed a home clearance, and can definitely say they lived up to the hype. Very good quality service and friendly bunch as well.

  • Coral Trent
  • 05Dec 2017

testimonials We had inherited my uncle's property, and were very excited. Upon viewing the property more closely, we realized that we would need a rubbish removal company to assist us in clearing out the rubbish from not only the house, but also the shed and yard. We called Home Clearance London for an estimate, were happy with the numbers, so decided to hire them straight away. The workers arrived at the appointed time, did a smashing job and left the area neat and tidy. Very happy, and yes, will use again.

  • Erik Carson
  • 08Nov 2017

testimonials The price quote was one I could deal with, so we set a date and time for the rubbish clearance operation. Not a big job, just a few things here and there. The chaps arrived well presented, worked hard and took no smoke breaks, just hammered through the task. Done in about 3 hours time. Nice. Will recommend House Junk Disposal to my friends and family.

  • Anderson Tarkington
  • 15Sep 2017

testimonials I wanted reasonable prices and a job well done. That is what I got by using London House Clearance! What a great junk clearance company, I highly suggest using them!

  • Georgia
  • 28Aug 2017

testimonials A few weeks back I hired Home Clearance London for some rubbish clearance. When the need arose again I didn't hesitate to make another appointment. It is rare these days to know of a service that provides great service at a great discount. I would recommend them in an instant to even the most hesitant customer.

  • S. Bacon
  • 09Aug 2017

testimonials House Junk Disposal offers a really helpful rubbish removal service, at affordable prices, recommend their service to anyone needing help with their rubbish.

  • Kent Yala
  • 26Jul 2017

testimonials Called LondonHouseClearance in to help my mum with a garage clearance, and they did a superb job, and were really reasonably priced.

  • Patti S.
  • 10Jul 2017

testimonials After using London House Clearance for many years, I consider myself a loyal customer and would never leave for the competition. They've always offered me a flawless service for a price that I can afford. Highly recommended!

  • D. Ansell
  • 27Jun 2017

testimonials Home Clearance Company is the best. They offer the most competitive prices for junk collection. No one London can beat them!

  • D. Walls
  • 07Jun 2017

testimonials For the best in rubbish clearance, I call Home Clearance Company. The crew was prompt and polite, and cleaned up the place, which made the wife happy. Cost was reasonable, so would recommend!

  • Richard Jackson
  • 30May 2017

testimonials Our rubbish removal job was small, but since I threw my back out, I needed help. I rang London House Clearance up. I liked what I heard, people seemed very nice and the estimate reasonable. The crew were pleasant, and careful. Would happily use them again.

  • Mary Pomford
  • 04May 2017

testimonials I used their rubbish clearance service two weeks ago for work around my home. I am satisfied with the work, and the cost was the best value for my money. Thanks.

  • Kathy L.
  • 24Apr 2017

testimonials Booking rubbish disposal from House Junk Disposal proved to be the best value for money for my situation. They didn't disappoint when it came to carrying out the service either, and left my attic space spick and span and importantly, rubbish-free.

  • Holly W.
  • 13Mar 2017

testimonials LondonHouseClearance is awesome! Got a great rubbish clearance service at low cost. Will hire again for sure!

  • Diana
  • 10Feb 2017

testimonials Top quality waste collection at low cost! London House Clearance are really the best team in the area!

  • Kelsey T.
  • 16Jan 2017

testimonials I was looking for an affordable junk removal service when I found Home Clearance London. They offered me the lowest price quote so I decided to give them a try. I did not regret my decision coz I paid the price I was quoted! Great value!

  • Gale Y.
  • 06Dec 2016

testimonials Would recommend the waste disposal service of LondonHouseClearance! It is cheap and very convenient!

  • Adam K.
  • 16Nov 2016

testimonials London House Clearance helped me with a very hard furniture disposal task - I had to get an enormous sofa out of my apartment, down three flights of stairs and through the narrow hallway of my apartment building. Their team managed all that without a single scratch on the walls. I'm utterly impressed!

  • Jessica R.
  • 27Oct 2016

testimonials Hired a team from Home Clearance Company for the rubbish collection since I didn't want to wait for the local council to clear away the items. They came right when I wanted and did a swift and thorough job. Huge thanks for the help!

  • Jason P.
  • 28Sep 2016

testimonials Clearing the junk out of my home has always been a tough task in which I have to sort my clutter, bag it, break and rip some stuff up, carry it and then sort out how to dispose of it all. This wasn't the case recently though because I had House Clearance Services London take care of it. I've never had a home clearance go as well, because I had a top team of people to do all the work for me, from start to finish. With this team around, getting rid of rubbish should never be difficult.

  • Paula O'Connor
  • 30Aug 2016

testimonials The garden clearance service of Home Clearance London saved me a lot of time and hassle. The staff were friendly and worked very hard to leave my garden looking clear and clean. I am really pleased with the quality of service and the low price as well!

  • Jean R.
  • 22Jul 2016

testimonials We'd just finished clearing our loft out, and we had bags full of junk that needed to be taken away. We could either hire a skip or leave it to House Junk Disposal, and we are very happy with our choice! We read on their website that they recycle as much of the waste they remove as possible and that was the deciding factor for us.

  • Thomas Graham Collins
  • 28Jun 2016

testimonials I was a bit apprehensive about having strangers come into my house - even though I needed some outside help to get rid of all the junk my family had accumulated over the years. After an extensive amount of research calling around different junk removal companies, I made general inquiries at House Junk Disposal. They put me at ease right away and I was only too happy to go ahead and hire their services. Everything went smoothly - their team were very polite, professional and hard working and I'll certainly be hiring them again when in need.

  • Lisa Stevens
  • 20May 2016

testimonials Home Clearance Company are the only people you should call up if you want to get rid of the clutter in your home. Don't bother sorting and disposing of things yourself because they'll do it. They did this for me and I'm amazed with how well they worked. The rubbish was gone in next to no time and they took care of every aspect and did it well.

  • Craig Lane
  • 26Apr 2016

testimonials The booking process was straightforward, the staff were friendly and helpful and it was an all-round brilliant service. I wish other service providers were as reliable and trustworthy as their team! But it was truly a delight doing business with LondonHouseClearance and they'll definitely be hearing from me in the future.

  • Lawrence Jamieson
  • 17Nov 2015

testimonials I've recently moved to Germany to start a new and exciting occupation, but before I could begin to think about moving I had to deal with a lot of old rubbish that was cluttering up my home in the UK. By the end of it, I was struggling with the task myself - less people than you think are happy to pick up a free sofa! When I decided to throw it all away, Home Clearance Company were a massive help, and their service was carried out exactly as they describe it on their website. Highly recommend!

  • Harry C.
  • 04Nov 2015

testimonials I was in desperate need of a junk removal services after I decided to do a home clearance the other week and get rid of my house junk and clutter. House Junk Disposal freed up some extra space in my house and did so quickly, professional and efficiently, providing me with a comprehensive rubbish removal service. The money I ended up paying for the job was also very reasonable and was an added bonus. Great service!

  • Geoffrey B.
  • 27Oct 2015

testimonials I had recently stocked my office with some new equipment and furniture, including a desk, chairs and filing cabinets. That meant out with the old and in with the new, and I entrusted Home Clearance London to get rid of all my old office furniture. The price for the service was very reasonable and considering the quality of the service, it was definitely worthwhile. Instead of doing my back in attempting to get rid of my old furniture, their company provided me with a cost-effective, stress-free solution and I'm mightily glad that I found them when I did.

  • James Turner
  • 16Oct 2015

testimonials House Junk Disposal and their amazing staff did a great job at clearing my garden! The waste and rubbish back there was causing me a lot of worry, but the company were professional and very speedy. I got great value for money as well so I couldn't be any happier. All my thanks to everyone who helped me!

  • Elise
  • 05Oct 2015

testimonials House Clearance Services London are a brilliant clearance company and I'm very happy with their help. Their garden clearance service left my garden looking fantastic. I couldn't recommend their friendly and hardworking staff enough!

  • Mark
  • 28Sep 2015

testimonials It was getting stressful in my office because all the junk, clutter, old furniture and whatnot was taking up space. It made it tough to move around, find objects and just ruined the look of the place. No one could work properly. We decided that this had to change so we looked into office clearance teams. LondonHouseClearance were who we settled on and they did a fantastic job. They helped us sort and shift our undesired objects and had them safely taken away. If we need this service again, which we will, we will call them straight away.

  • Bart Collins
  • 11Sep 2015

testimonials I had slowly been gathering items in my home for over forty years and it soon became too much. I wanted things sorted and cleared, so I had my space back. I called Home Clearance London for help and they provided what I needed. They ensured my home was clutter free and tidy in no time. 10/10.

  • Dave Granger
  • 01Sep 2015

testimonials We had our garden landscaped by professionals and it looked amazing, but into the process we had old garden furniture, pots and rubble to dispose of. Luckily we were passed on the details of a local garden clearance company called London House Clearance, and they took the complete load of waste away. The service was prompt and done with care. The staff members were friendly and cleared away the mess after loading the truck. An affordable service which was done professionally, well done!

  • Marie Thorpe
  • 18Aug 2015

testimonials We had just had some decorating done in our home and it had prompted us to have a sort out. We found lots of useless rubbish that was broken and items that were no use. We hired a local house clearance company called House Junk Disposal, and they were fast acting and got it shifted. The rate was reasonable and the work was done safely!

  • Leticia Carson
  • 03Aug 2015

testimonials After giving my house a tidy up I came across some rather large items of furniture that I wasn't using and decided to have a clear out. I didn't know how to go about getting rid of them, so I called London House Clearance. They provided me with a cheap and furniture clearance cheerful service and everything was carried out to my exact requirements. The service was brilliant as was everyone involved.

  • Alex
  • 22Jul 2015

testimonials I bought a new washing machine recently, and I didn't know what to do with the old one. I knew I couldn't just dump it into the thrash with the regular rubbish, as I had heard there were regulations for white goods recycling. So, I decided to turn to a professional rubbish removal company and hired LondonHouseClearance to dispose of my old washing machine. They took a load off my mind, as they assured me the appliance would be recycled properly, with no harm to the environment. Thanks a bunch!

  • Andrew T.
  • 13Jul 2015

testimonials I bought a new sofa recently, but I didn't have room to put it as the old one was still in my living room. I hired LondonHouseClearance to provide me with a furniture clearance service and they did an excellent job. They even sent my old sofa for recycling.

  • Amy B.
  • 02Jul 2015

testimonials I just want to thank Home Clearance Company for their help in clearing my home. I didn't want to handle all the junk myself, and I didn't have the time to either. The workers had no problems with getting right down to business, working very hard to get everything done as soon as possible. All the rubbish was collected and disposed of, and they gave me a very reasonable price for their services. I'm very grateful for all of the hard work!

  • Mick D.
  • 25Jun 2015

testimonials I'm very pleased with the clearance services from House Clearance Services London. I hired them to help with my house clearance and the job they did was second to none. I would definitely call this company again as they were affordable, dependable and they worked very hard as well. A great job that was done to a professional standard.

  • Matt
  • 15Jun 2015

testimonials Hiring House Clearance Services London to help with my house clearance was an excellent idea and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to save time and money on their clearance. Staff were professional, service was fast and the price was cheap and affordable! Would call again!

  • Christian F.
  • 05Jun 2015

testimonials Soon after we had our garden redesigned, we wanted to get the garden waste clearance done. Home Clearance London had taken care of that for a lot of houses in our neighbourhood. There were leaves, branches, old pots and the lot to be disposed of. The team worked diligently and gave us an end result that we are very happy with.

  • Trey William
  • 27May 2015

testimonials Before moving to our new property, we wanted to hire the help of house clearance professionals. Home Clearance London is a technologically updated and very professional clearance company. They made the job very easy for us by using color coding, labels and documentation to the T. We did not have to work on the rubbish clearance as they made sure the place was spic and span all the time. Thank you for all the hard work; appreciate it.

  • J. Ray
  • 15May 2015

testimonials We had some work done to our home and there was a lot of junk and waste to remove when it was finished. Old curtains, plastic, wood, tiles and carpets - there was a wide selection and a lot of it. I was recommended a company called London House Clearance and they did a fantastic job and took the entire lot in one go. The workers were polite and worked hard and carefully when loading the rubbish. It was off to a reprocessing plant which I was content with. A service that was excellent value for money!

  • Geoffrey M.
  • 05May 2015

testimonials I was so thrilled with London House Clearance who took away all of the rubbish we had found when clearing out our garage and shed when moving house. So as to reduce moving costs we had a tidy up and couldn't believe how much we had hoarded! This company dealt with it efficiently and at a good cost.

  • Lawrence C.
  • 25Apr 2015

testimonials LondonHouseClearance did a super job when getting rid of the rubbish from my office store room. Over the years it just increased with broken chairs, desks and electrical equipment. But, I knew it needed a lot of effort to dispose of it. So, I called in the experts and hired this company to take it away and deal with it accordingly. The service was worth every penny and it created a completely free store room again!

  • Jane Norman
  • 15Apr 2015

testimonials We were spending time overseas in our holiday apartment so opted to rent our home out for a year. Though most of our possessions were going into storage we came across a lot of old nonworking appliances, broken toys, old carpets etc. We called on Home Clearance London and they called to supply a quote and explain the disposal procedures. Most of it was being recycled in the interest of the environment which we were happy about. The cost was good, and a date set. Everything was quickly loaded onto the truck and off before we knew it. A great service and friendly staff!

  • Stacey G.
  • 05Apr 2015

testimonials I was very happy with the rubbish removals company I used when having some home renovations done on my home. There was a lot of rubble, cement and old wallpaper, as well as old units and carpets. I used a local firm called LondonHouseClearance and they were brilliant. They first called to measure the load, supply a quote and check what we were throwing away. I was very pleased, as using the experts meant it was all dealt with in one go. All of it was being recycled which I was very happy about. A really great service for a reasonable cost!

  • Spencer D.
  • 26Mar 2015

testimonials I'm so glad to have finally found a dependable waste removal company! I've had lots of work done in my home over the years, and I've always struggled to get rid of the waste left behind. After using a few less-than-great companies in the past, I'm glad to have found LondonHouseClearance - they delivered on service, quality and price! I couldn't be more pleased with the results, and should I have renovations again I'll be calling this company to deal with the clean-up! Thank you so much!

  • Becky
  • 16Mar 2015

testimonials Hiring LondonHouseClearance for my waste removal was a great decision for both me and my family. I was dreading throwing out all of the junk in my loft, but the workers here did a fantastic job, and I couldn't be happier with the results. This is a very affordable company, and they did excellent work. I was glad to have such a caring and professional company on my side - I'd thoroughly recommend this company if you're looking for dependable waste clearance services!

  • Brian
  • 06Mar 2015

testimonials This is definitely the best company that I could have hoped for my garden waste disposal! I had a big job on my hands, and the hassle and stress it was causing me was getting me in a state. I wanted to hire professional help, but wasn't sure if I could afford it, or where to begin looking. I was glad to find LondonHouseClearance - they were professional from the start, affordable too, and they did an excellent job!

  • Rachel D.
  • 24Feb 2015

testimonials House Junk Disposal did a fantastic job at clearing up my after builders waste. I was really worried about how I'd find the time to do the job myself, but the staff here ensured that I wouldn't need to! Getting my house clear took no time thanks to these experts, who clearly have a lot of experience in the field. It was also nice and refreshing to find such a friendly company, who obviously cared about my needs! Thank you!

  • Britney
  • 11Feb 2015

testimonials My room was getting full of old comics and that sort of thing... Stuff which I didn't want and which were in really bad condition. I had them along with a huge heavy TV since I was a kid, and I wanted to grow up and get rid of the lot. LondonHouseClearance helped a great deal with this and even though it took me and a friend to move the TV in the first place just one guy from the clearance company was able to cart it off, down the stairs without any trouble. These guys are very strong and efficient. If I need that doing again, I know who to call.

  • Miles D.
  • 05Feb 2015

testimonials I was really worried about how I'd tackle the waste in my garden left over from builders. The place was a complete mess, but with such a busy schedule I just didn't have the time to do anything about it. I chose to hire professional help, and picked LondonHouseClearance for the job. Doing so was an excellent idea, as now my garden looks clear, tidy and better than I've ever seen it! A cheap service, a professional company, and a great result - I couldn't be happier!

  • Sandra
  • 26Jan 2015

testimonials There were piles of boxes, books, broken furniture, even a rusted car out the back which was my great uncles, or something like that. When I inherited the house I realised it'd need some work doing to it and the first step was to haul all that rubbish out before anything else could be done. LondonHouseClearance were awesome and got it all out the way in one day, even the rusted scrapheap out in the back garden. They were almost mechanical in their efficiency, but that doesn't mean they were hard to deal with since they were friendly and flexible and receptive to my needs.

  • Chadwick
  • 18Jan 2015

testimonials The low price of this service means that anyone can use it without any problems. Even me, a pensioner, had no trouble getting LondonHouseClearance to clear out the whole top floor. Since the kids have moved out I decided to make the top floor a bit more useful and start from scratch up there. This company allowed me to do that and all for a great price. They lifted the furniture down the stairs, moved all the boxes and were finished with the process in an hour or so. I'd recommend them to anyone who needed an affordable service like that.

  • Vicky D.
  • 08Jan 2015

testimonials Domestic clearance... Now that's something which sounds like it costs an arm and a leg, doesn't it. Well, LondonHouseClearance aren't like that at all! They had the whole house cleared out in a few hours and were gone straight after that leaving me to bring the new furniture inside. I love it when a company turns out to be all it promises to be on its website, some clearance firms seem grumpy and uncooperative, but this one was much different and actually offered perfect customer service as well as a lot of lifting power.

  • Elsie
  • 29Dec 2014

testimonials I am most pleased with the rubbish removal company, Home Clearance London. I hired their services for my office, and chose this company based on their positive reviews and the low price they were offering. I was very happy with this service itself, which was speedy and thorough, and the staff were really friendly and had positive attitudes, despite how large of a job it was! I'd thoroughly recommend this company if you have junk to get rid of - they did an excellent job!

  • James
  • 19Dec 2014

testimonials I needed a waste removal company that could tackle the mess that my loft was in after I moved house. I was less than pleased to find my new loft filled to the brim with someone else's junk, but LondonHouseClearance tackled the job really well. They were very professional and worked hard to get my loft into shape. I was pleased with how quickly it was all over, and I was also impressed with the price. Great work!

  • Linda
  • 16Dec 2014

testimonials LondonHouseClearance are one house clearance company which stand head and shoulders above the rest. As an independent developer of domestic and commercial property, I've tried out lots of different firms. None have satisfied me as much as LondonHouseClearance, who always come ready to work and make light work of the task. They send a lot of people at once which gets the task over and done with very quickly and makes it more cost effective for everyone. I'm delighted to be passing the word along to anyone who needs domestic and commercial clearance.

  • Rob W.
  • 10Dec 2014

testimonials I needed flat clearance, not for moving out but just because I'd let it become a real heap. I was in a bad state for about five months and didn't really have the strength for a full tidying up. I looked for house clearance professionals on the internet and found LondonHouseClearance and their shining testi-monials. Now I can see what all the fuss is about. They had no problem lugging a lot of things up and down the stairs and it barely cost me anything. My flat's not a small one, either - it had quite a lot of things in it. I'm very grateful to them and I'm recommending them for any job like this.

  • Kimberly
  • 30Nov 2014

testimonials My brother recommended me LondonHouseClearance after he'd used them for a big property clearance operation and found them to be outstandingly helpful. He certainly knows what he's talking about, LondonHouseClearance are the best I have ever seen in action. They are easy to deal with, lightning fast, su-per-efficient and very, very affordable! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to the people of the internet or the people I know in real life because I know they'd not be disappointed. They got eve-rything out of the house in a few hours and took it away without a fuss. Very professional.

  • Clive
  • 20Nov 2014

testimonials I realised that I hadn't even used the garage in years, so I didn't have a clue what was in there. It turns out it was full of boxes of things I didn't know I owned! A quick search around and I managed to single out anything which had any value and sold it, but a lot of what was left was total rubbish. I called LondonHouseClearance for garage clearance and they made extremely light work of it, loading things straight into the van backed in the garage and being out of the way in about 20 minutes. Why can't all companies be so easy to deal with?

  • Graham K.
  • 10Nov 2014

testimonials We'd just had the landscapers come in and do the last bit of work for us at our new house and we needed an efficient firm which had a lot of experience to take away the garden waste (soil, up-rooted hedge, plants, trimmings, roots) as quickly as possible and for the right price. After a fair bit of searching we found out about LondonHouseClearance, who had nothing but good reviews from past customers. We decided that it would be smart to choose a tried-and-tested firm and we weren't disappointed. Our garden is waste free and looking better than ever.

  • G. Howard
  • 31Oct 2014

testimonials I used to work in property clearance, so I know exactly how it should be. I hired LondonHouseClearance to remove all of my old furniture and I was impressed by how efficient the team were. It was like they were a finely tuned machine! It was done and in less than an hour they were off down the street to the dump with the furniture. I've never seen anything like it in all my years of work in the industry as well. I've seen some really bad companies and workers in my time but LondonHouseClearance are exceptional.

  • Barry G.
  • 21Oct 2014

testimonials After something has spent a good 15 years in self storage it's a fair bet that it isn't going to be something you want any time soon. I couldn't even remember what was in the locker, which mean I didn't miss it, at least. I gave LondonHouseClearance access to the locker and told them just to get rid of all of it. Now I won't be paying extraneous charges to keep up something I'm never going to think about again, which leaves me enough money for a holiday later on in the year. LondonHouseClearance were so easy to deal with it was about as unbelievable as the super-low prices.

  • Marcus T.
  • 11Oct 2014

testimonials I work for a property development firm so we acquire a lot of old houses which are, basically, full of junk. We work directly with LondonHouseClearance since they have the logistical means to get the items out in a time and cost-effective manner without any fuss. They have always been agreeable, flexible, open and friendly. It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated property clearance firm and we hope to be using them for all of the future clearance work. I recommend their services to any similar business or even for domestic use.

  • Alexander M.
  • 01Oct 2014

testimonials It was easier to admit the house was a total mess than it was to figure out what to do with it all. In the end I moved everything useless into one room and called up a great clearance firm, LondonHouseClearance, to load it all up and get rid of it. It was a really empowering experience, being left with a whole room full of free space, wondering what to do with all of that. I built a bookshelf and put all of my books in there to have a quiet place to read. It's amazing what a bit of space can give you. I highly recommend this clearance firm, they did a brilliant job.

  • Mike F.
  • 21Sep 2014

testimonials If I were to ever be in a situation where I had more belongings than space I'd definitely be in contact with LondonHouseClearance after the great job they did for me when I wanted to clear out the second bedroom and storage cupboard. They're so capable, efficient and fast that it makes them the smartest choice for people who are busy and need someone to be meticulous and fast. Not to mention, they have rates far more affordable than those elsewhere, which is always a bonus.

  • Maximilian R.
  • 11Sep 2014

testimonials LondonHouseClearance are a great junk removal service to use for any amount of junk. We've used them a few times because they're very reliable and affordable. Once, we were moving home so we were wanting to throw away quite a lot of things - they could accommodate that. The other time we just wanted to throw away the contents of the spare bedroom so it could be turned into the kid's room, and they could provide us with a smaller service to make sure that worked too. I've had a good re-lationship with the company in the past and I will continue to use them in the future.

  • Martina E.
  • 01Sep 2014

testimonials There's a fine line between the need for self storage and the need for property clearance. If you think you'll probably never use it again or even try and sell it, it is best to hire a reliable company to take it away. I found that I was wasting money keeping things in storage which I needed to admit were useless heaps of junk. LondonHouseClearance's home clearance service really helped me out when I needed it, since I was downsizing my home and wanting to cut the storage costs, too. It comes highly recommended.

  • Celine
  • 27Aug 2014

testimonials My small business isn't as small as it used to be and can't fit in the old office above a shop any-more. When sorting through the office we realised that there isn't even anything worth keeping around, apart from the computers; we realised that we were just keeping things around because we couldn't be bothered to throw them away. No one wants a load of old filing cabinets, broken desk-chairs and dead potted plants so I called up LondonHouseClearance for office clearance after they were recommended to me by a friend of mine who called them in for rubbish removal.

  • Kenneth H.
  • 22Aug 2014
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