Terms and conditions

When you use our website, there are terms to be agreed to. If you are using our services as either a guest or a fully registered user, you accept the following terms and conditions:

Website access

•    1. How you access our website:
◦    1.1 Any access to our site is temporary, and can be withdrawn at any time without notice.
◦    1.2 Restriction to the access to any of our website's services can be applied at any time.
◦    1.3 It is the responsibility of the user to keep their website identification (ID code, password, etc.) secret. We also reserve the right to disable any ID code and password at any time if our terms are not followed.
◦    1.4 Anybody who accesses our website through your internet connection and through your account must comply with our terms.


•    2. Transactions through our site and our liability:
◦    2.1 We process your booking enquiry, and then enter into a contract with a rubbish removal service provider (Provider) on your behalf, and when everything is settled we'll send you a booking confirmation email.
◦    2.2 Once you agree with the Provider's Terms and Conditions, (which should be linked to in your confirmation email), the contract with them will begin.
◦    2.3 At this time, the responsibility of providing a satisfactory service rests with the Provider only, and their terms and conditions are legally binding.
◦    2.4 We will offer contact services while the service is being provided, and will process all of the non-cash payments on the Provider's behalf.
◦    2.5 Throughout the whole process, the responsibility for satisfactory service provision rests with the Provider and not us.
◦    2.6 We encourage you to comment/leave feedback about the Provider(s) we selected for you. You can do this via telephone at 020 3540 8016.

Intellectual property rights

•    3. Details about the intellectual property rights:
◦    3.1 All intellectual property rights on our website are owned by London House Clearance, as is the content within it. This is protected by all applicable copyright laws.
◦    3.2 However, you may download extracts of any of our pages and print off a single copy for future reference.
◦    3.3 Our content must not be modified in any way and any individual pieces of content (images, photographs, video, etc.) must not be used separately for any reason.
◦    3.4 You must acknowledge us (or any independent contributor) as the authors of our site content at all times.
◦    3.5 Our site content may not be used for commercial purposes unless our full permission is granted first.
◦    3.6 If you print/copy/download parts of our site in a way that breaks these terms, your rights of usage will be revoked immediately and all copies must be destroyed.

Terms of reliance on posted information

•    4. Here are the terms that apply to the reliance on information that comes from our site:
◦    4.1 The articles and similar materials posted on our website aren't there to be solely relied upon.
◦    4.2 In the event that any reliance is placed on the content of our website, we separate ourselves from all liability and responsibility.
Changes to our website
•    5. Information about how our website may be updated or changed:
◦    5.1 We reserve the right to suspend access to our website, or shut it down indefinitely.
◦    5.2 We run this website with the aim to update it regularly.
▪    5.2.1 However, any of the material on this website may be out of date at any one time, and we're under no obligation to provide updates.

Site content liability

•    6. This outlines our liability for the materials on this website:
◦    6.1 All materials on this website are provided with the following stipulations: there are no conditions, guarantees or warranties on their accuracy. To the extent that the law allows, this excludes:
▪    6.1.1 Any warranties, terms or conditions that might be implied by legal statute, law of equity or common law.
▪    6.1.2 Liability for any direct/indirect/consequential losses or damages incurred by anyone in relevance to the site, any articles/resources posted on it and any websites that are directly linked to it. This includes:
• Any income/revenue lost.
• Any business lost.
• Any contracts or profits that were lost.
• Any anticipated savings that were lost.
• Any lost data.
• Any loss of goodwill.
• Any wasted office or management time. These apply to negligence, tort and breach of contract as well, even if those losses were foreseeable.
◦    6.2 Our liability for death/injury arising from negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation of any type as well as any other liability that cannot be excluded under applicable law is not affected by this exclusion.

Your personal data

•    7. This is how your data is handled by us:
◦    7.1 Any data provided to us is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.
◦    7.2 When you use our site, you provide your permission to process this data and guarantee that all data you provide is accurate.

The uploading of content

•    8. Terms that apply to the uploading of website content/material:
◦    8.1 Our standards for content must be met when materials are submitted to our website.
◦    8.2 Any content that's submitted to our website is non-confidential, and we have the right to use/copy/distribute said content to third parties. Also, we reserve the right to disclose your identity to third parties if their intellectual property rights/right to privacy is threatened.
◦    8.3 We carry no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any content posted by the users of our website.
◦    8.4 We also reserve the right of removing any material we think is inappropriate or does not comply with our quality standards in some way.

Viruses / hacking / other online offences

•    9. How we handle online offences such as hacking and virus attacks:
◦    9.1 Do not misuse our website by introducing viruses / Trojans / logic bombs / worms or other similar malicious material. In the same vein, you're prohibited from attempting to gain unauthorised access to our website / servers.
◦    9.2 If the above offence is committed, this is considered a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. You and all associated parties will be reported, your identity shared, and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
◦    9.3 We carry no liability for losses and damage caused by such malicious attacks.

Website links

•    10. How we handle website links:
◦    10.1 Linking to our home page is perfectly acceptable, as long as it's handled properly, though you must not attempt to damage our reputation.
◦    10.2 It's an offence to link from any website that you do not own.
◦    10.3 Do not frame our website on any other website, and don't link to any part of our website that is not the home page.
◦    10.4 If you want to use our website in any other way other than mentioned here, first ask for our permission via email.

Outside links from our website

•    11. Here are the rules governing outside links on our website:
◦    11.1 Any links to other websites on ours are there for information / instructional purposes only.
◦    11.2 We have no control over those outside links, and because of this we accept zero responsibility for any of them.

Jurisdiction and applicable laws

•    12. This is how the law affects us:
◦    12.1 The English courts have jurisdiction over anything related to visiting our website. This jurisdiction is non-exclusive, and we may proceed against you if any of these terms and conditions is broken.
◦    12.2 The terms and conditions shown here, as well as any dispute / claim connected to them are governed by English and Welsh law.


•    13. These terms of use may be changed at any time, we will notify you of any changes if possible, and all changes are effectively binding.

Contact us

•    14. If you have any questions, requests or immediate concerns regarding any of the content and material on this website, don't hesitate to contact us.

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