Our prices

Minimum Van Load Minimum Van LoadCubic yards: 1.5
Max weight: 150kg
Equivalent to: 8 bin bags
Labour: 10 Mins
Minimum Van Load 1/4 van LoadCubic yards: 3.5
Max weight: 350kg
Equivalent to: 20 bin bags
Labour: 20 Mins
Minimum Van Load 1/3 van LoadCubic yards: 5.25
Max weight: 525kg
Equivalent to: 30 bin bags
Labour: 30 Mins
Minimum Van Load 1/2 van LoadCubic yards: 7
Max weight: 700kg
Equivalent to: 40 bin bags
Labour: 40 Mins
Minimum Van Load 3/4 van LoadCubic yards: 10.5
Max weight: 900kg
Equivalent to: 60 bin bags
Labour: 50 Mins
Minimum Van Load Full van LoadCubic yards: 14
Max weight: 1200kg
Equivalent to: 80 bin bags
Labour: 60 Mins

We charge:

Every Additional Item Explanation Additional Price
Extra labour of 10 mins Extra labour of 10 mins
If we go over the loading time we charge £10
TV or Monitor Removal TV or Monitor Due to how it is removed £15
Paint per Litre Prices Paint per litre Due to how it is removed £3
Fridge Removal Single Fridge Due to how it is removed £20
Fridge Removal Upright Fridge Due to how it is removed £30
Commercial Fridge Removal Commercial Fridge Due to how it is removed £100
Per Fluorescent Tube Prices Per Fluorescent Tube Due to how it is removed £1
Single Mattress Single Mattress
Due to how it is removed £10
Double Mattress Double Mattress
Due to how it is removed £20
Weekend Charges Weekend charge Due to added labour costs £10
Extra Heavy Waste Prices Extra Heavy Waste Due to how it is removed £20

If you have lots of heavy materials that need clearing, such as bricks, soil, concrete, rubble and wet wood, you will be charged not by the volume but by the weight of the total load. When you hire us for heavy waste clearance, we will arrange to collect your waste on our specially designed trucks, on the day suitable for you. Our trucks are modern and equipped with innovative electronically digital scales. This way, we can provide you with a more accurate weight of your load.

Heavy Materials RemovalFor heavy waste, our weight rates are 1 cubic yard per 100 kg. That means if you have a load weighing 1400 kg, we would charge you for 14 cubic yards. Even if you take up an area of 6 cubic yards, we would still charge you for 14.

Heavy Waste CollectionJust so you know, concrete, soil and rubble all weigh somewhere between 250-500 kg per cubic yard. The weight of a bag of rubble is about 30-50 kg. So 25 kg bags would weigh, in total, 1000 kg. As for heavy bulky home and office items, these can weigh up to 60 kg per cubic yard. Old kitchens, old bathrooms and general DIY waste can weigh, usually, about 100 kg per cubic yard.

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