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At London House Clearance we understand that rubbish removal isn't exactly something you want to do yourself and that's why you can rely on our versatile service across your home. We supply adequately sized London rubbish removal trucks that permit enough room to have all your rubbish moved out in one swift go. So why pay more in hiring a skip that you have to load yourself? We will happily adapt to your needs by matching them with suitable numbers in staff, with such workers knowledgeable across a range of waste removal tasks, from lifting heavy objects through to clearing unpleasant odors and food related waste.

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We guarantee that objects will be collapsed and reduced accordingly in supplementing your budget and preventing more than one waste removal trip. In other words, in our rubbish removal company in London, we load our trucks in a very systematic and economical way and never throw things into the vehicle absently. To achieve this, we separate all rubbish out across departments as soon as such departments are identified. For example, a typical clearance effort might involve isolating all those old chairs before folding them down neatly and placing them into a safely contained bag. Elsewhere, food waste scattered across a pile of general waste will be dealt to specifically before being assigned its own bag. You can expect such attention to detail across clearance of less common matter too, such as computers and TVs - our staff will take great caution in ensuring screens aren't smashed during transition as we know you want the job done quickly and can hardly afford to have us working on site beyond the hour, or hours, you've selected in advance. In fact, we are always prompt and never lethargic in our rubbish removal London service.

London Rubbish Removal

Testimonials: You certainly won’t make a mistake hiring this company. Knowing that those experts are going to take care of your rubbish removal is such a relief. – A. Benson

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Whenever separating items across departments proves ambiguous, we will waste no time in grouping large items together while ensuring that all remaining smaller items are packed together elsewhere. This reliable 'plan b' approach will ensure that we meet your hourly rate, instead of surpassing it, while performing a comprehensive tidy before we leave your property. Rubbish removal across relieving your home of liquid based spillage can also be performed as part of our affordable standard service, with appropriate safety practices honored in wiping up spilt oil, and liquids of a similar nuisance. Got a specific request concerning something like a broken sewerage pipe? Simply dial 020 3540 8016 and we will address any uncertainty.

Rubbish Removal in London

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Since we understand that a furniture clearance could be necessary across general rubbish removal London, we will take special care in lifting heavy objects out of your house and ensuring no items scrape against walls during transition. Our staff are experienced in furniture clearance across stair cases, long driveways and down the sides of houses and will use such devices as trolleys wherever called for. Items such as old umbrellas will be dealt with cautiously, with our staff mindful that umbrellas may have stretchers and tips that protrude. To prevent delays and ensure smoothness of service, we understand the safety of our own staff as of equivalent importance to yours. In other words, we aren't naive in our understanding of injury risk and will therefore operate within the parameters of safety. Call us today for an instant quote on 020 3540 8016.

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Our Testimonials
L. Dudley 2023/06/30
I don't know how I got so much junk up there. I certainly can't fathom how their rubbish removal pros were able to remove everything from the space so quickly, and with such ease. One thing's for sure and that's I'm very grateful for the service.
Melina J 2023/06/27
I booked them for rubbish removal and was able to get my junk collected and taken care of the very next day. It was easy dealing with their professionals from the point of booking them to when they took everything away.
Sean F 2023/06/05
I found them to be a professional, reliable rubbish removal team. I took full advantage of their same day collection option. It was great having everything cleared so quickly.
D. Henshaw 2023/06/05
I thought the rubbish removal service would cost a bomb. I'm glad I hired London House Clearance. I got all the junk removed, everything from my entire house for a very good price.

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