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London Builders Clearance

Just completed those renovations and now need to tidy up your property from top to bottom? Not to worry as this is where we can help. Whether your house clearance needs are internal, external, or both, we can perform that much needed tidy. So what can you expect from our builders clearance London service on the back of a visit from the builders? We clear across everything from dirt to left over debris and will ensure you are no more likely to stand on a nail than you are to pick up a splinter.

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They understand the safety procedures that must be adhered to and can turnaround your property in no time. Our builders clearance staff provide the tools necessary in shifting things such as piles of dirt with spades, brooms and indeed rakes etc since we know that foliage matter also builds up during building. Waste removal is a key priority for London House Clearance and we are similarly alert to the heavy chemical presence subsequent to building. We have modern and eco-friendly means of removing all unwanted toxins and odours and will ensure no smells persist after our visit. Aside from odours, our waste removal service also covers chunks of concrete and resulting dust, the cleaning of spilt liquids, removal of containers, packaging and all other bits of accumulated matter, like shredded pieces of wood.

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Once you've called us on 020 3540 8016, you won't need to consider hiring a skip bin again. When it comes to rubbish removal, our onsite team will literally chase up every piece of waste before moving it out. On the contrary, you will be paying more to hire a skip and will have to clear up all rubbish yourself before lifting heavy objects into the bin. An exhausting job to say the least. Save yourself the hassle of such a job, and indeed the stress of having to acquire a specific skip license in advance. Choose London House Clearance for all your London builders clearance needs.

Testimonials: Give a try at this company for your builders clearance or whatever house clearance service you need and you won’t make a mistake! Trust me, you will quickly find the difference in quality and cost! I’ll certainly hire them again! – E. Moore

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Since rubbish clearance in the wake of building efforts may require one to cover a series of storeys and floors with limited access, our on hand team have means of portability capable of retrieving rubbish from out of reach places. For example, you might have had builders renovate the loft recently and can't think of how on Earth you're going to clear the rubbish out from the space. In cases such as this, our builders clearance services in London relies on the tight packaging of items into bags and other containers that don't permit over-loading and so make transition down any loft ladder safe and simple. In the case of clearing out things like left over planks of wood, we always ensure that at least one staff member is positioned at either side of your loft's entrance to ensure smooth transition - one worker will hand the plank down to his colleague standing at the bottom of your loft ladder.

Builders Clearance in London
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Speaking of junk removal elsewhere in your home, we will even move rubbish out from obscure areas like beneath the house and to the side, especially since builders may rely on such areas as a place to store items momentarily during building. Identify your specific builders clearance needs before informing us and we will see to them right away. No builders clearance London is too difficult for us in the wake of building, call today for an instant quote on 020 3540 8016.

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Our Testimonials
Norma H. 2023/07/04
This waste clearance company claimed they specialised in handling all sorts of waste. I took advantage of that, and their same day service option hired them to take everything away from me and got just the service I needed.
Zara K. 2023/06/28
I went online to try and find a builders waste removal company that'd be able to take away my junk that very day. I didn't want to pay a crazy amount for the privilege either. I thanked my lucky stars I came across this firm. I received great service.
K. Croft 2023/06/04
They came on site and had builders waste removal sorted out in no time. I'm grateful for the speedy, professional service.
L. Prentiss 2023/06/03
Hiring London House Clearance for builders clearance turned out to be a great skip hire alternative. I did my research. Hiring a skip would've cost a lot more than the service I enjoyed too.

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