Why Should You Hire Clearance Services When Moving House In Battersea?

Posted on 15/04/2015

The Benefits of Hire Clearance Services When Moving House In Battersea

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Moving house is an enormous effort that takes a lot of time and planning. When you are moving house in Battersea, this is also a great opportunity to have a home clearance overhaul. As you are packing everything into boxes in preparation for the move, also take the chance to do some thorough junk removal and waste disposal so that you are not taking unnecessary items with you to the new house.

Sorting through a lifetime of possessions and belongings can be difficult, especially when decisions on what to keep and what not to keep must be made. Try getting started with these tips when you’re preparing your house for a move in the SW8 region:

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1.    Start with a pile of things you want to throw out. Have one of these piles in every room. To start with, have a definite pile to throw out, and a maybe pile for the things you aren’t sure about. Wait a day or two and go back to the maybe pile, and then make firm decisions about what you will throw away. The general rule to work by here is, if in doubt, just throw it out!


2.    If you find things that are still in good condition but you don’t want to keep them, create another pile of things to donate to a charity or second hand shop. You might be amazed at how your trash can become someone else’s treasure. Just make sure the items you want to donate are in good condition. Most charity shops in the SW11 district accept clothes, toys, books, sports equipment and some pieces of furniture.

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3.    Now it’s time to tackle the drawers. Desk drawers, bedside table drawers, kitchen drawers, all of them have a chaos of clutter waiting for you. It is a much better idea to do a thorough drawer clearance before moving house, rather than giving in to the temptation of dealing with it at the new house. The best way to deal with the drawers is to be ruthless. If pens aren’t working, throw them out. If you have a bunch of old papers, shred them and toss them in the recycling. Don’t let the clutter come to the new house with you.

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4.    Next enter the cupboards and wardrobes. From the kitchen to the bedroom, you have many cupboards and wardrobes holding more things to sort through. This is your chance to get rid of rusting dish pots or pans in the kitchen and dispose of ratty old bedding sheets that have been sitting in the back corner for years. These are the things that you shouldn’t welcome into your new home.


5.    Be a multitasker as you undertake this home clearance task. As you go the clearance process, also pack at the same time. Have a stack of boxes in each room ready to be filled. When deciding what items to put in the throw out or donate pile, also pack the items that you are certain you are going to keep. This will halve your time and increase your productivity room by room. Remember to keep a reasonable mindset about what you will and won’t pack. Be logical and methodical and approach the house clearance process in Battersea with organisational skills. Think of the items in your home as things that need to be sorted categorically, wrapped thoroughly, packed into labelled boxes and placed in a systematic order to make the removal easier. This will help you to stay focused and on task.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

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