Where to Dispose of the Stuff from Your House Clearance

Posted on 28/10/2020

Dispose of the Stuff from Your House Clearance

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If there is one thing that a house clearance is absolutely going to leave you with, it’s stuff. There are an awful lot of places and people to consider when it comes to deciding where all that stuff’s going to end up.

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Disposal: It’s not just as simple as throwing everything into a bin or leaving it on the side of the road and getting on with your life. If you choose to just dispose of everything that was in the house then do a little research and see what can or cannot just be taken away by the bin men. Really, you should be looking into the most environmentally friendly methods of disposal, especially if you are disposing of a large volume of things – like the entire contents of a house. The list of things which can be recycled is growing every day so it’s worth really knowing what you’re doing before just assuming it all goes to landfill. So make sure you do your disposals properly and efficiently.

donate to charity shops

Charity Shops: With ornaments, clothing, toys, books, games and more – basically everything which isn’t actually attached to the house in some way or too big to get in the car – you can donate it to a charity shop. Some charity websites will arrange to pick up your donations for free and some will even pay you for your old things, though they have to be excellent quality and some websites will demand that they are ‘fashionable’ whatever that even means today. In fact, for a lot of charity shops the donations have to be good quality and almost none will accept underwear and earrings. All of this makes sense of course if you put yourself on the other side. Would you want holey or smelly clothes if you were paying money for them?

sell collectibles

Collections: Some of the best things to fetch money with from a house clearance are collections. It often turns out that those small pottery figures your Grandmother has ‘always had’ or the Paddington Bear memorabilia that was always just part of the furniture at Dad’s house is/are actually worth quite a lot of money from the right bidder or collector. If there is a collection like this at the house you’re clearing then keep it all together and do a bit of research. How old is it? How can you tell if it’s genuine? Are the parts worth more individually or as a unit? Is there a market for this kind of collection? You might be surprised.

sell items online

Online Sales: If there are some possessions that you think might be worth a lot more – especially the larger things like furniture, that you can’t donate to a charity shop – if sold rather than donated, then take a picture of it, make yourself and the item a profile and then wait and see. If you want a quick sale then put it on a limited auction for a small amount of money and if it exceeds expectations by the sell date then it’s win win. If it doesn’t sell to a bidder then repost it at a fixed pride and wait and see what happens. Make sure you factor in delivery costs as P&P or included in the price. An alternative is listing it as ‘collection only’.

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So you can use just one of these ideas or a combination but hopefully they will prove to effective or even fruitful ways of just getting rid of all of that stuff.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

As a seasoned expert in waste disposal, Jay has spent over a decade refining spaces from disarray to order. Specializing in efficient rubbish removal techniques, their steadfast dedication to sustainability positions them as a reliable choice for clients seeking to declutter their homes or businesses.

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