Using a House Clearance Company When Moving

Posted on 28/10/2020

Why to Using a House Clearance Company When Moving

home clearance before removals

If you need to relocate to another town or within your own town, there will be a lot to plan, organize and pay for. A house move is a big undertaking and it has many stages that you need to take care of. One of them is the packing which takes time and money. Before you start gathering the packing material you need to take the inventory and have a detailed list of everything that you are moving. This stage is extremely important as that’s when you will also determine your budget for the packing material, whether you need packing services and the size of the moving truck to hire. In order to determine what to take with you to the new place, you also need to decide what to leave behind. This stage is known as the so called house clearance and it can take up to days, depending on the size of your home and the last time you’ve done such a clearance. The clearance is both a physically challenging and an emotionally tough process.

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Every family that is moving house understands how expensive packing material is, as well as the cost of hiring a big moving truck and paying the movers. That’s why it is essential to take only those belongings with you that you believe you need and are worth keeping in your new place. This list should exclude old items, damaged items, things you don’t even use and all the rubbish and clutter that we tend to store for years and years. It can be quite hard to part with some of your old belongings, but you should start from somewhere. The whole idea of relocation is the opportunity to start fresh and do things differently and better. This doesn’t involve all the clutter from your old house being packed and transported to the new one.

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This is also not budget friendly at all. In case you are downsizing, you may even have to part with some furniture pieces. Look at this as a chance for renewing these items. One of the things you can do is sell them and start buying the new items with the profit you’ve made. The new furniture pieces can be ordered for delivery straight to the new location. This saves time and money and you don’t need to pay for their packing too. If you can’t sell the items or you don’t want to, try giving them to charity or recycling them. Make sure the clearance is a full one, this includes the basement, garage, garden, attic, garden shed, all the hidden corners of the house, as well as cleaning of any mildew and mold. After all, a clearance for a move out is much different from the usual one.

property clearance

You need to leave the property in good condition, which includes taking care of all issues before you lock the door behind you. When you get to your new home you may find out that the previous owners or tenants have left some rubbish behind. That’s another time when you can really benefit from hiring professional house clearance services. You probably won’t have the strength or the will to do everything on your own and simply want to unpack the essentials and have a rest. After all the clutter is gone you can enjoy the place and start making it more like your own home.

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