Turn Trash Into Treasure-Reusing Worn-Out Clothes

Posted on 28/10/2020

Ideas on How to Turn Regular Old Trash Into Treasure

You are in the middle of reorganising your wardrobe for the new season, and you keep finding old, worn out clothes that you don’t plan on using ever again. A trip to the attic or basement can only add to the heap of supposedly unusable clothes. Maybe it’s time you stop looking for places to stash the old clothes, maybe you should think about taking care of them some other way. No, no – not waste removal, don’t get any rash ideas, keep your skip permit money for other purposes. And don’t give them away, they are still useful to you in a variety of ways. There will be no limitations to what you do if you are handy enough with thread and needle. And here are some ideas you can implement:laptop case

• Clothes into Cases
If a piece of clothing is wide enough, you can make it into a case for something. Your pillows might need new cases, so you can use a shirt or a trench coat, or just a big T-shirt to make one. This is an excellent way to make cases of your own taste, for instance, if you are a fan of rock music, then you will love the cases made by all the Nirvana hoodies or Led Zeppelin T-shirts. Customize your house with the style you want.

• Clothes into Bags
jeans bagMany clothes can be repurposed into bags. Tank tops, for example, take the least effort – you merely have to sew the bottom part and use the shoulder straps as holders. You can also add a zipper or buttons so that you can close it, and cut parts off the tank top to make a pocket. You a little more creativity you can create sturdier bags from different clothing, like a solid jean bag that will last you for ages, or a light and wonderful at the touch silken hand bag from an old dress.

• Clothes into... Clothesclothes for dolls
Your kid has dolls, right? Well, in that case you can use your old clothes to make ones for the small dolls. A sock can be a perfect fit as a dress for a broader doll, and that’s the easiest of the bunch. This way you can both have fun with your kid and stimulate its creativity, and practice on fashion designs – who knows, maybe you’ll find a skill you didn’t even know you had! You can also make clothes for your pet, to keep it warm in cold autumn or winter days and nights, or even a bib for your baby. There are as many options to make clothes into clothes as the number of clothes there are.

• Clothes into Stuffed Animals
stuffed animalsYou can also make toys out of clothes. All you need are scissors, needle and a thread – just like with every other clothes repurposing project. Find stuffing, cut into the shape you desire, put together, stuff, sew, and you are done. Sounds simple enough, right?

• Clothes into Ornaments
All the fabrics, all the patterns, all the colours, sweater cushionsand all the pockets on clothes can make for amazing decorations. Make stars and string them together, then hang them above a door, or you can make hanging pockets with sewn shapes on them for both an aesthetic and a practical design.

Think about all you can do with any type of clothing. The options are many even for a simple pair of socks, so get your mind moving and thinking and your imagination going. Don’t think rubbish removal and giving away, think creativity. Do you think the house clearance professionals would actually throw them away? They would probably find use for them just as you can if you put your mind to it.

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Jay Malnik

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