Tips On How To Organize Property Clearance In Marylebone

Posted on 09/12/2014

Essential Tips To Organize Property Clearance In Marylebone

property clearance

When you are trying to clean and clear a large property in Marylebone such as a house or an office, you might be overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done. You have invariably accumulated a lot of junk over the years or may need to let go of a lot of things because you are moving away. Either way, it would be a good idea to call in a junk removal service to help you dispose of your stuff efficiently and cost effectively.  But even before you call in a clearance company, there are some things that you need to take care of yourself. Here are some tips on how to begin the clearance process.

Sort things

The most difficult part of organizing a clear out in the W1 region is dissociating yourself from the sentimentality of your possessions. You might have accrued a lot of things that were left behind by your family,  gifted by friends or memories of your children’s childhood. Being a little dispassionate about how much these things mean to you will help you sort through the junk and reclaim the space in the house that you need. Here is how you can go about losing most of the unnecessary clutter in the house.

waste separation

•    Make an inventory of all the things you have stored in your home, your garage, yard and other properties.

•    Recognize the valuable assets that you would like to keep and might prove worthy later on - this includes jewellery, antiques and artwork.

•    Make another list of documents that you need now or could possibly need later. This will involve all kinds of legal documents such as real estate deeds, shares, insurance papers, bank accounts, identity papers etc.

make lists

•    Next sort the personal belongings according to whether you are at liberty to decide about them (personal items or those belonging to deceased family members) or you need to consult your family members before doing so.

•    As far as possible, try to minimize the amount of stuff that you will be sending to the landfill. Unless the item is extremely useless or invaluable, always try to recycle it. What is rubbish to you may be another man’s treasure. So decide accordingly whether you want to re-sell them as a second hand item or give it away to charity.

•     Disposing either way might take time so might want to begin planning and organizing the clearance in Marylebone, NW1 well ahead of time if you have some deadline to stick to.

How to pick a waste removal company?

When you pick a waste disposal service, there are some things you must keep in mind when judging the services offered. Here are some important questions to ask the company you settle upon.

waste collectors

•    Do they have the labour and expertise to sort the junk themselves into piles of reusables, recyclables and throw-aways?

•    Do they have full insurance coverage for the service they provide?

•    What are their disposal methods and how much percentage of the waste is going to be recycled?

•    Do they have adequate resources (transport and labour) to organize the house clearance in Marylebone?

adequate resources

•    Are they available to work during days and hours that suit your convenience?

•    How will they charge you – per hour or amount of work done or number of loads transported?

•    Are all the costs – transport, labour, disposal fee etc. - likely to be incurred stated clearly in the quote?

•    Do they have the necessary licenses and experience need for this kind of job?

•    Do they have good customer reviews from previous jobs they have done?

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Jay Malnik

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