The Perfect House Clearance for a Sale

Posted on 28/10/2020

The Best House Clearance for a Sale

house clearance before a sale

Do you want to sell your house and do it quickly? Have you talked to a good real estate agent already? If you have only started thinking about this you need to know that before you plan anything your house needs to be in perfect condition. This includes a full house clearance, cleaning, fixing issues and painting. The whole process of a house clearance for a sale is the most important part. You cannot start advertising the house before it is ready for viewings. If you want a good price for the house and an easy deal you need to be a good professional, which means investing in the preparation of the house. A house clearance is something every family should do annually or at least once every 2-3 years. However, it often turns out that people buy and buy things, they store but never throw away. This is a big issue as it leads to more dirt, mold and less room. It also makes a home look cluttered and uninviting. These two characteristics are not winning features when it comes to selling your property. Here is a list of the steps of a perfect house clearance which will prepare your house for the future sale:

property clearance

1. Even if the family will move in with their own furniture and appliances, don’t remove yours before the viewings. Let the potential buyers see how well the furniture sits in the kitchen and the living room. It’s better to clear out the space from clutter but to keep the major items which make a home look like one.

2. Clear the garden and the garage of all your personal belongings, old items and equipment. Nobody needs to see that junk during a viewing for a sale. Make sure there is plenty of room to walk in each room, including the basement and the garage. The more room there is, the bigger your home will look. Clear design and simple arrangement attract attention and make an immediate good impression.

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3. Clear out the rooms from all figurines, magazines, paperwork and personal items that make the shelves look cluttered. Repaint the rooms if necessary and rearrange some items.

4. Clear out some cabinets and closets if you will leave them in the house. When the people viewing the house open them, they don’t need to see your winter clothes, smelly boots or sports equipment. Let them judge how big the furniture is when emptied.

5. Don’t forget to clean the entire area and take care of zones which are affected by mold and excessive dust. Vacuum, wash and mop and make sure your home looks its best.

home cleaning

6. Take the rubbish away and all the items for recycling even if they are in bags. Don’t just leave the bags in the garden or the garage until you have time for them, but make time before you do anything else.

7. Be cooperative and open to suggestions by potential customers. If they want you to remove more items you will need to do it within a certain timeframe. Have the contact details of at least two reputable house clearance companies and be ready to organize waste carry.

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Selling your house is a big and important undertaking and you need to take good care of the preparation of the house before you proceed with the other tasks. The above-mentioned steps will easily guide you through this process.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

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