Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids about Recycling at Home

Posted on 28/10/2020

Easy Ways To Get Your Kids To Recycle

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Teaching your kids about recycling is a daunting task. This is because the recycling concept is somewhat abstract for children. Talking to them often about the importance of recycling is a determining factor, but you need to lead by example. As you know, kids emulate their parents so do not preach water and drink wine. Check out these simple tips to get your child involved in recycling.

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Be a good example

If you have a recycling bin, let the kids know why you throw particular waste in that bin and not the other one. Show them how to look for recycling symbol on items so that in your absence they will not have trouble knowing what goes in where.

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Put up a recyclientre right in your home

Select several containers or boxes and let the kids decorate and label them for different waste. Provide them with paint, crayons, papers and markers or anything else that will get them interested. If possible let them invite their friends and turn it into a fun activity. Such events will make them eager to use what they created.

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Turn recycling into adventure

If you take your kids to landfill and let them see how anaesthetic it is, they will know the dangers of not recycling. Explain to the how they can help not to turn other places into landfills. Later you can take them to a recycling centre so that they can see the outcome of their effort. Some might choose to be environmentalist later in the future.

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Show kids how to recycle and reuse by making something new out of rubbish

For example, you can make a guitar from tins and strings, a desk out of old kitchen cabinet, or a door mat out of an old carpet. Your kids will brighten up with ideas and want to turn something out of waste.

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Allow them to volunteer with recycling and waste reduction initiatives

Help the kids understand the purpose of such activities and encourage them to participate in schools. These will cultivate the culture of fighting for environment justice later in the future.

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Create compost in your home

With the help of the kids collect any garden and kitchen waste and make compost manure. You can use a pit or a compost bin, whichever that accommodate the materials.

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Buy the recycling books

Knowledge on recycling will arm your kids with techniques to recycle items at home and school. The books should be easy to read and give directions of how to recycle.

Lastly encourage the kids to save cans and bottles for recycling. Place a small bin in their room and be inspecting to see what they put in the recycling container.

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It is of crucial importance that you supervise kids as they undertake recycling activities. Do not let them touch contaminated waste. As you make compost dress with appropriate clothing to protect them from dirt and other waste that may result to hygiene related infections.

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