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Posted on 28/10/2020

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When it comes to clearing your home you may be considering hiring a House Clearance Company to do the job for you, and if you have a lot of stuff to clear and not much time to do it in, this might be a smart move. House Clearance Companies are available all over the UK and the services they offer you are proven to reduce the amount of stress involved in the house clearance for you.

What is a House Clearance company?

If you have a home that is full of junk and/or mess and clearing it has become a time consuming job, you can outsource the job to a House Clearance Company who are able to clear your home entirely for you, or just get rid of the things you don’t want, and complete the clearance in a timely fashion with little fuss involved for you.

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When might you need to use a house clearance company?

• If someone you know has passed away, it may have fallen on you to clear the home of their belongings and put their house on the market. This could be something that is very difficult for you to do, especially if you were close to the recently deceased and going through their stuff brings back upsetting memories.

• If you have an elderly relative that has had to go into full time care you may need get rid of their belongings and sell their property in order to pay for the care costs. You may find it emotional or may not have the time to do this yourself.

• If you have bought a property at auction then you may find it is full of belongings that were owned by the previous owner, you obviously won’t to keep anything from the house and will want the property completely clearing. Once the house is completely cleared you will want to give it a thorough clean before moving in or furnishing it to let.

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• Landlord’s often need a clearance company whenever they have a tenant who has not kept the house clean and tidy and has perhaps left the property in haste.

• If you are trying to make some extra room in your home, for instance if you are planning on having a child, you may want to de-clutter your home. Most clearance companies offer this service.

• If you are downsizing your home, or relocating to a new area or even country, you will need to get rid of a lot of your stuff.

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What services do they provide?

Clearance companies often offer de-cluttering services, rather than completely clearing your home they will simply help you to get rid of the things that you no longer want, need or use. Further to this, they are able to help you to clear just one area of your home, such as the attic, garage, cellar, rather than clearing the entire property. House Clearance companies are usually also able to offer skip hire services.

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What is the usual process?

Before starting the job, the clearance company should provide you with a quote, preferably in writing.

You will arrange with them the day that they are to come to your home and exactly what it is you want them to do.

They will complete the job for you and take away all of your rubbish. They should provide you with a waste disposal note which shows the clearance company taking responsibility of your waste. If they are unable to provide this you should ask for a receipt that clearly details the name and contact information of the clearance company, and the work that was carried out for you, including their responsibility of the waste removed from your home.

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