Safe House Clearances

Posted on 28/10/2020

Reliably House Clearances

safe home clearance

If your house or the house you are clearing is only really good for selling on then it’s probably not in the best condition of its life and if all of its contents are only good for being cleared and/or disposed of then they probably aren’t in fantastic condition either. In situations like this then safety has to take extra precedence. Especially if you want to bring in a company; you don’t want to be responsible for somebody else’s injury.

inspect the house

Check the house: Stairs are a particular hazard. Before you, or anybody else, starts carrying furniture around or relying on senses other than sight due to what you are carrying then make sure you’ll be in a safe environment to do so. Check for splinters on the bannister or door frames that you or others might catch on. Check for uneven steps or wobbly floorboards as these are an obvious tripping hazard.

furniture disposal

Check the furnishings: Although things will probably be dismantled in order to be disposed of or recycled, furniture needs to be stable in order to be moved to its next location. Therefore, if you find that a bed frame has wobbly joints, for example, then you need to go one of two ways. Tighten the joint so that everything is secure or go the other way and dismantle the frame on site so that it can be moved as parts, safely and reliably. It might be worth checking for splinters and sharp edges as well as loose joints. You don’t want a more direct injury, scratch or scrape, from transporting something dangerous.

You don’t want a chair frame to become unstable due to a wobbly joint and then, in your panic, trip on a wobbly board and stumble down the uneven stairs landing on an unidentified splinter from the gradually disintegrating chair which is now below you…for example.

sofa clearance

Secure your furniture: Things which would seem to be easy to move, foldable chairs and free standing mirrors, for example, can prove hazardous if they are not secured. It would definitely be an idea to attempt to tape or tie these items in their flat positions so that they don’t open in transit and cause any unnecessary risks. Even things that you would consider to be perfectly safe and don’t need extra security, like a clothes rack, do need the extra security.

remove dust

Dust: Though not commonly considered to be a massive security hazard, when clearing out a house that may have been vacant for some time, it really can be. Dust gets into everything and though an empty house wouldn’t be as dusty as you might think (most dust comes from human skin flakes) it will inevitably be dusty. Getting curtains and other upholstery down and dislodging a lot of dust can compromise sight and breathing for whoever is doing it and this will not only be dangerous but it can be quite time consuming. Just doing a quick whip round with a duster before you start and opening some windows to beat rugs and curtains will save time and energy later on as well as keeping everyone safe.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

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