Recycling Waste from a House Clearance

Posted on 28/10/2020

How to Recycling Waste from a House Clearance

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Clearing a house always results in the accruement of a lot of rubbish and waste that you may consider just throwing away with your general household waste. Before you do this, however, consider that approximately 90% of what you have thrown away could be recycled. In the UK today we recycle approximately 20% of our household waste and rubbish, this is incredibly low, especially when you compare the statistics to other countries around the UK. Recycling is very beneficial to the environment and our quality of life, therefore it is essential that the current 20% statistic of people who do recycle goes up.

Why should you recycle?

If we do not recycle our waste ends up in various landfills, this rubbish starts to decompose and leak out in the surrounding soil and air. This rubbish contains harmful toxins that can ruin the soil, contaminate areas of water and even pollute the air in the area, therefore affecting any people and wildlife working or residing there. If we can reduce how many raw materials we use by using recycled materials instead we can help to protect the environment by lowering greenhouse gases and air pollution.

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You can have a number of positive impacts on the environment by recycling:

• One person can help to stop approximately 20 million tonnes of CO2 from ending up in the atmosphere.

• You will be reducing you own carbon footprint.

• Pollution will be reduced.

• Resources are used less and therefore more can be saved, furthermore, energy is being saved.

• Landfills won’t be as full as much more stuff will be in the recycling, therefore these landfills will pose less of a health and environmental hazard to animals and people.

What can you recycle?

recycling paper


• Books and notepads

• Cardboard boxes

• Card

• Magazines and yellow pages

• Paper and Shredded paper

• Stamps

• Wrapping paper

glass recycling


• Bottles and Jars

• Sheet or a plate of glass

• Window pane glass


• Carrier bags

• Cleaning product bottles

• Plastic bottles

• Plastic food pots

recycling plastics


• Aerosol cans

• Aluminium foil

• Drink cans

• Tinned food cans


• Clothes

• Shoes

• Belts

• Bags

electronic waste disposal


• Batteries

• Car batteries

• Computer Hard drives

• Computer Keyboards

• Computer screen

• Cookers

• Dishwashers

• Fridges and Freezers

• Hearing aids

• LCD screens

• Mobile phones

• Printer Cartridges

• Television sets

• Washing Machines


• Beds

• Carpets

• Chairs

• Mattresses

• Sofas

• Tables

food waste removal


• Bicycles

• CDs

• Food waste

• Keys

• Light bulbs, energy saving bulbs, low energy bulbs, fluorescent tubes

• Musical Instruments

• Spectacles

• Toys

• Video tapes

Garden waste

recycling banks

How can you recycle?

• Road side collections: the council will collect your rubbish, usually on a weekly basis. Alongside this they will also collect your recycling, this is usually on a fortnightly basis. The recycling that they will take usually consists of paper and cardboard and plastics, however, some councils may take glass and metals.

• Recycling banks: There are a number of recycling banks available for the general public to use around the UK, these can be seen at supermarkets and in and around housing estates. These banks are usually limited to clothes, shoes, paper and plastics.

• Recycling centres: centres usually are able to take most of your recycling, you will need to tell them what you have when you arrive and they will tell you which recycling bin to put what in.

licensed clearance company

• You can arrange collection of specialised things such as fridge freezers etc. from your local council.

• Clearance companies recycle the belongings it removes from your home, furthermore it will be licenced in rubbish removal. It may be a little more costly than other ways of getting rid of rubbish but with that it offers more benefits.

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