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Posted on 28/10/2020

Professional Office Clearance

No matter how big or small your office is, London House Clearance should be your first choice when you plan to carry out a clearance. We don’t intend to disappoint our customers, which is why we provide office clearance services complied with your requirements and with the established standards for waste disposal and recycling. We strongly want to emphasize on our concern about environment and because of that reason we try to find a new home to all of the items that we clear from an office. Items being reused instead of thrown out makes a huge difference when the environmental protection and the future of our planet is at stake. We aspire to be the company that always strives to carry out a sustainable office clearance. Our company is trying hard to meet not only the legal requirements for a waste disposal but also corporate social responsibility standards.

The specific thing about clearing of offices is that there is a great number of computer accessories and office equipment. If they are in such a condition that allows them to be reused, they should be treated with care when being removed and hauled. Our clearance specialist are aware of that, and they always follow strict procedures to secure such items in the process of relocation. For the equipment that’s still working but you’re not going to use anymore there are several options. The first thing to do is to sell it at a low price. The second option suggest that it can be given to charity. Recycling is the third one. You’ll be surprised how many parts of office machines, such as scanners, printers, copiers and fax machines, are recyclable. Disposal comes as a last resort.

Our staff that specializes in the clearing of offices is always punctual. We dare say that they are all reliable people that don’t spare themselves when doing the perfect clearance job. They can be sent to you even after working hours. We might want to see the size of the office space in advance in order to make an assessment on the amount of items we have to clear.

Whether you need an entire office cleared or you just want to get rid of one or two things, you can hire London House Clearance because we have the best selection of office clearance specialists that follow a strict schedule and approach responsibly to every new engagement. So, if you’re replacing your old furniture with new one to make your office look more modern and presentable, have us come and take the redundant items. If you want to get rid of old documents, you must be careful with the confidential information in them. We guarantee that they will be disposed securely. What else do we clear at an office? Our clearance services also include removing of rubbish, cabinets, desks, chairs, carpets, electrical appliances, etc. After we’ve done everything possible to empty the space quickly and to leave it looking tidy, you’ll be proud to return the keys to the owner of the property because all of the clearance requirements will be fulfilled precisely.

So, if we succeeded in convincing you that every item of your office will be taken care of in such a way that disposal will be the last possible option, you should call us immediately. Our friendly office staff will be glad to assist you with anything. If your office is more on the big side, we might need to discuss a meeting prior to the actual clearance to get ourselves familiar with everything that has to be removed.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

As a seasoned expert in waste disposal, Jay has spent over a decade refining spaces from disarray to order. Specializing in efficient rubbish removal techniques, their steadfast dedication to sustainability positions them as a reliable choice for clients seeking to declutter their homes or businesses.

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