How to Manage an Office Clearance in Clapham

Posted on 18/01/2015

Office Clearance in Clapham

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Working in a business office or a home office in Clapham generally means you end up with a stack of paperwork, various stationery items scattered about the desk, and perhaps a fair few empty coffee cups that helped get you through to that last deadline. And let’s face it: this is probably just your own personal desk.

In a commercial office space, there are many factors that lead to a build-up of clutter and disorganisation. This can be years of paperwork, changing of company policies and staff overhauls that mean the office space needs to be cleared and rearranged. When the space gets like this, an office clearance is often necessary. When it comes to this type of clearance, it is generally worth investing in office clearance services to make the task much easier for all involved.

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The nature of an office means that there are many different personalities and characters working closely together in one space. This can mean that different people have contrasting views on how to best clean an office in the SW4 area. Moreover, office work can be mentally demanding and leave little time to worry about cleaning and organising a mess that you didn’t necessarily make. If a staff member is asked to clear something they didn’t create, tensions and stress levels may be raised. These two reasons are good indications why commercial clearance services are the way to go when it’s time for an office revamp.

Rather than creating additional stresses for your staff members, have a look into property clearance services in the SW11 region. There are many companies that focus specifically on clearing services for office spaces. Such companies offer facilities such as man with a van services to load and remove unwanted furniture items. These companies will come equip with the trained team members to manoeuvre office furniture and heavy boxes so that you and your staff don’t have. Such companies will be able to take care of disposing of old paperwork and unnecessary files. Always ensure that your privacy is protected and check with the company to make they are able to shred or burn confidential papers.

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When preparing the office for a clearance, make sure you take the following steps so that all members of the office are on the same page:

-    Communicate with staff and let them know what is happening

-    Encourage staff to check their own desk or office space and make a pile of unwanted items

-    Have an area for staff to leave unwanted furniture items for clearance

-    Get a quote from the property clearance service before hiring

-    Take note of any potential access issues such as parking and staircases to inform the clearance company

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It is recommended to have an office clearance at least once a year. This will ensure that all documents are kept up to date and there are no unnecessary and outdated files kept in the space. As well as having an office clearance in Clapham, SW4, there are some other preventative measures that be taken into account to keep the office space tidy. Some of these include:

-    Making a pile of completed documents and filing them or disposing of them at the end of each week

-    Getting rid of faulty or damaged furniture and replacing it immediately

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-    Vacuuming and tidying the floor space regularly to prevent long-term damage

-    Moving furniture when vacuuming so that the floor doesn’t wear underneath

-    Emptying rubbish bins regularly

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