How To Make Money From Your Rubbish Clearance In Brompton

Posted on 30/06/2015

Tips To Make Money From Your Rubbish Clearance In Brompton

make money from clearance

When home clearance in Brompton comes to mind then so do costly house clearance professionals. Junk removal costs and skip hire expenses. A clear up doesn’t always have to be taking from your bank account however, here are some helpful ways to clearing your home and adding to your bank account at the same time.

1. Selling items online. What you might be ready to part with may happen to be just what someone is looking for. Putting some of your large and small items up for sale is the perfect way to gain some extra cash while shifting unwanted items in Brompton, SW10. Have a good sort out of all the things that you think might be sellable and then take some good pictures. You can easily use your phone, and a white back ground or a sheet will help you get a clearer picture. If it’s a larger item then get the buyer to do a pick up. Chances are if they really want it then they will be happy to hire a van or use their own transport saving you on costly furniture disposal.

sell online

2. Go to a car boot sale. As long as you price your items low enough then you will sell lots of old things that you might have originally just thrown out. Get any basic domestic clearance done just by presenting the items nicely and selling them at a low cost, a 50p here and there will start to add up. Use your own car if you have one or ask a friend if they wouldn’t mind coming along to help. You could swing by the dump in SW5 on the way back for any items that didn’t sell so that you bring and empty car home.

garage sale

3. If you are dealing with flat clearance then the chances are you might have a few neighbours in close proximity. Have a little sale in your home in the SW3 area, people are more willing to buy things if they don’t have very far to carry them. Advertise with a poster in your communal hallway or maybe on a local notice board. Offer some drinks in plastic cups to encourage people to come in and have a look around. Get some friends to help out in case you end up having a few visitors to attend to.

home clearance

4. Give to charity. Okay so you might not make money out of this one but you will save money on clearance costs. Check out any charity bags that come through your door, they are often collecting and all you have to do is fill the bag and put it out on the collection day. A great hassle free way to get rid of any unwanted items and you can feel good that they are going to a good cause.

donate to charity

5. Sell to your friends. Ask around any friends who may have been eying up your chair and table set for a while or would be delighted to have some unwanted clothes. Some furniture items just need a lick of paint and they will make a great addition to someone else’s home in Brompton. I am sure they would be happy to collect them to, it may be worth adding pictures to social media, you might be trying to get rid of something someone has been looking for.

sell junk after waste clearance

You can really make a bit of money from what might just seem like basic rubbish removal. It’s always good to get organised first and decide what might be good to sell and in what way, just make sure you leave plenty of time and look into local sales.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

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