How to Choose the Best House Clearance Company

Posted on 28/10/2020

Tips When Choosing the Best House Clearance Company

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If you have a home that is in dire need of a massive clearance, and particularly if the job looks like it could be time consuming and hard work, you may be thinking about employing the services of a House Clearance Company. Often the costs involved in completing a house clearance by yourself are great enough to make it almost as cost efficient to hire a professional clearance company instead. Furthermore, the house clearance is completed much quicker and with more efficiency than you could have done it yourself, with you left with little to do and much less stress on your shoulders.

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Why can’t I just choose the cheapest clearance company?

As with any company offering you a service, you must ensure that the clearance company that you hire is reputable and well established, hiring rogue companies often result in the job not being completed, or something going wrong, and you being left with more to do and feeling much more stressed. Not researching the company you hire is a mistake you may live to regret, unfortunately there are companies out there looking to make a lot of money for little work and willing to take advantage of you if you let them. Furthermore, hiring a clearance company that isn’t reputable, may mean that they don’t follow the correct guidelines and even sometimes the law, for example, rogue clearance companies often fly tip the waste from your home rather than paying a waste disposal centre to take it from them, this rubbish could be traced back to you and could mean you are fined and/or prosecuted. A good clearance company will produce a waste transfer note to you showing that they take responsibility for getting rid of the rubbish.

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How can I find a good clearance company?

The UK House Clearance Association is designed to regulate clearance companies, and is always a useful place to start looking for a reputable company, as the website of the association has a list of all of their members. The companies that are members of this association are bound to work within strict codes which are designed to help protect the customers, therefore these companies are more likely to be helpful and consider customer service more. From the list of members, find clearance companies local to you, and use this as a base from which to start calling around for quotes. Make sure you call at least 5 different companies so you can prepare quotes and services offered and consider exactly what it is you want doing.

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Is there anything I need to ask the Clearance Companies?

• Is there any liability insurance included, or offered at an additional price? If so, how does this cover you?

• Are you a member of the UK House Clearance Association?

• What is the best quote that you can offer? Are you likely to apply any additional charges?

• What is the standard process that you have in place for a house clearance such as mine?

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What if I have any problems?

If you have used a company that is not a member of the UK House Clearance Association, then you may find it much more difficult to complain and will need to deal with the company directly. Alternatively, you can contact the association who are willing to help you and the clearance company find a resolution to any complaints you may have.

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