House Clearance – What are the Reasons to Hire a Clearance Company?

Posted on 28/10/2020

Benefits of Hiring a Clearance Company

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Some people might expect a house clearance to always mean a clearance of an entire property. But as with many things there is a sliding scale of house clearance services which would probably be offered by any company you consult on your specific house clearance. It makes most sense to consult a few companies – unless you are doing everything yourself – and find which one will offer you the exact services you are looking for at the most reasonable price.

Full: For a variety of reasons you may need to completely clear out a domestic property. This is usually what people think of when you say ‘house clearance’. This means all the furniture and furnishings as well as a whole variety of appliances, including the fixed ones unless you need them to stay or it makes more sense for them to stay. The clearance companies may even deal with things like bedding, clothes and ornaments that have been left behind.

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Professional: For offices and warehouses that may need to clear out completely for a variety of reasons it would be assumed that personal effects would be all removed by workers so the things in the office or warehouse would all be dealt with by the clearance company. The important things to remember when contracting a company to carry out this sort of clearance are; do they actually have experience in this type of clearance, or have they just taken you on because they’re keen, and do they have facilities or at least a policy in place to deal with the confidential material and documents they’d probably have to dispose of in a professional clearance.

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Neglect and Cleaning: It may be that you purchase a house which has been neglected or abandoned and is therefore not clean. In a situation like this, even if the stuff being cleared doesn’t belong to you, the property it belongs to does so clearance companies will be able to help you. They may even have links to or provide their own cleaning services to fully complete the job.

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Partial: It may be that you don’t need the whole house clearing and, in fact, the area that you need clearing might not even be in the house itself. Some people enlist the services on house clearance companies or carry out their own full clearance on sheds, garages, basements etc. This is completely understandable if you are planning on converting, extending or demolishing an outbuilding and the same reasons would probably apply to a basement or attic – though probably not demolishing, it might leave your home a little exposed.

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Garden: It would probably involve asking a different company that you might do for a house, but there are probably still companies out there who could manage everything. Garden clearances are very popular for complete re-landscaping, extending the property into the garden or moving into a new home and finding the garden overgrown or completely against your tastes. Therefore, garden clearance is a service that is widely offered and might be just the thing you need.

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So these are just a few wider definitions and interpretations of ‘house clearance’ and hopefully this has opened up the potential for a range of house clearance services that might be just what you were looking for.

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