House Clearance Tips For Beginners

Posted on 28/10/2020

House Clearance A Beginners Guide

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If you’ve never done a house clearance before you are probably asking yourself: What does a clearance even mean? A clearance is often mistaken for a full cleanup, but it’s much more than that. Cleaning is an integral part of it, as well as disinfection and spot treating, but the bigger part of it is actually finally getting rid of all the clutter at home. It’s easily said, but not done as people tend to buy more than they throw away. This quickly becomes an issue, especially if you don’t have much room for storage. So what is a clearance and what are its essential steps? Here is a checklist for beginners which will ensure a successful process and a healthier and cleaner home as a result.

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Plan it: There is nothing worse than starting a house clearance without having any idea what you are supposed to do. There are plenty of tutorials on how to clear up clutter, clean and make room for new things. One of the best ways is to make a checklist and then focus on one room at a time.

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Label: Using coloured stickers, label the items according to what you are going to do with them – junk them, keep or sell/donate. This is a quick and organized way of sorting out everything and you can easily involve your children too. Be reasonable and only keep the things that you actually care about and plan to use in the future. A real house clearance means getting rid of all the stuff that is piling up at your house, but you never really use.

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Arrange the clearance: Estimate the amount of things that has to be removed from your house and call a specialist removal company if necessary. These experts know how to deal with various items, including hazardous chemicals and items for recycling. It’s easier and faster to invest in clearance than to drive everything to the pit. If you have many items in good condition, but which you don’t need anymore, why don’t you give them to a charity shop or a social enterprise? This way someone can make use of the things you don’t use, even though you might consider them rubbish. More or less, there are four ways to get rid of the unwanted items after your clearance. You can try to fit them in your boot and drive them to the local pit to dispose of them. You can call to arrange collection of bulky waste and recycling, but this can take up to a few weeks, so it’s not the best method. Another way to dispose of the items is to hire a skip, which has a flat rate, but requires a permit for it to park on the road. Moreover, you will have to load it yourself, which can be quite a challenge. Last, but not least, you can hire a professional junk removal and house clearance company, which will ensure a full clearance and less stress. However, the price of this luxury might be a bit too much, especially if you have a big house and a lot to clear.

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House clearances are nobody’s favourite chore, but considering that they are done once every few years, it’s not such a big problem. The bigger issue is learning how to maintain a clutter-free home, a healthier area for you and your family at all times.

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Jay Malnik

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