House Clearance and Things to Look for

Posted on 28/10/2020

How to Choose the Right House Clearance Company

plan your house clearance

A house clearance is a tough and emotionally demanding process. It involves many things, but the biggest task is deciding to part with some of your belongings, that are cluttering your home. Clearance takes both efforts and time and it needs to be done right. Many people hire a house clearance company to do the job for them, but they still need to be present and in control of the process. The emotional side of the process is also quite visible. Since house clearance is done for a variety of reasons, it can be really hard to do it on your own. One of the most common reasons is when a loved one has died and you need to clear out their home. Mixed with the grief the task becomes almost impossible to accomplish. Another common reason for a house clearance is when you need to move house and it’s wiser to leave some of your belongings behind. The other common reasons are clearance for letting and for selling the house. If you try to tackle the whole process on your own it can be quite tough.

research clearance companies

Doing a research on the house clearance companies will help you spot the one that you need for the job. Give them a call and discuss the clearance – if they pay you a free visit, this is a good sign. If they don’t want to and simply give you a quote over the phone, continue your search. The company should also be fully licensed as they might need to deal with hazardous waste as well as recycling. Another thing to be wary of is the insurance. One of the benefits of hiring a company is the full coverage they can offer you. A house clearance doesn’t always go accident-free and it’s best to be prepared and take the necessary precautions. House clearance involves various tasks so make sure the company you choose can do them. Do you want to get rid of electrical goods?

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Do you need carpet removing or basement and attic clearance? Discuss your specific needs and if the company meets your criteria you can hire them. If you also need a garden clearance, make sure the company you hire can do that as well. It’s easier to hire one company which offers plenty of services, then multiple companies for the different tasks. Some companies might try to talk you out of doing some things yourself. If you are sure that you can manage with some tasks on your own there is no need to pay for them. Be firm about your needs and hire the staff only for what you cannot do. Insist on a firm quote and give any specific information they need. You should pay them only after the whole job is done and you have received a share of the recycling profit. If they insist, you can pay them a small percent before the job, but be cautious.

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Consider whether the business aspect of the deal suits you – are you getting good service for the amount you are about to pay? If you have any complaints, don’t be afraid to raise them. As a client of a licensed house clearance company you have the right to good service which is determined by a set of standards. Think whether you are satisfied with the entire process and the customer service before you leave a reference. Don’t let your top determinant be the quote – going for the cheapest one is never a good idea.

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Jay Malnik

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