Getting Rid of Junk Properly

Posted on 28/10/2020

Ways to Get Rid of Your Junk Properly

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At some point we all need an effective way to get rid of junk, whether you are moving home or de-cluttering, a landlord whose tenants have left the property in a state, or someone who has bought a house at auction.

The first thing you will need to do is to sort through the house. Do this by collecting boxes and labelling them:

• Keep: things that are going to stay in the house and therefore you will need to find a ‘permanent home’ for within the house.

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• Store: the things you don’t want or cannot use right now, but do not want to give away, sell or recycle can be stored. There are plenty of self-storage solutions, along with storage companies available. Alternatively, a family member may be able to store a few things for you. When considering a storage solution always take into account your future needs, if it is likely that you will need to store more things it may be worthwhile renting a larger space now.

• Sell: the things that you don’t want but they are too good to throw away or donate should be placed in this box.

• Donate: anything that is in good condition and you are willing to donate to a charity shop belongs here. This includes clothes, toys, books, furniture and anything else that you think someone may want to buy.

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• Recycle: pretty much all of your rubbish should be in this pile, the list of things that you can recycle is ever growing as more facilities become readily available. There are recycling bins in supermarkets and in and around areas within the UK, there are recycling centres, a roadside collection service available and the council are able to collect larger or more specialised recyclable items from your home.

• Rubbish: this is where anything that you want to throw away but cannot recycle should go.

Everything within the house should go into one of these boxes. Start sorting room by room, gradually making your way through the house. When you have a full box, clearly label it and put it in the relevant place:

• Keep boxes: put these in a safe place until you have finished the clearance. Label boxes ‘KEEP’.

• Store boxes: keep these safe and together. Once you have finished the clearance you can decide how it is you are going to store your things. Label boxes ‘STORE’.

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• Sell boxes: Consider how you intend on selling these items, if you do something like a car-boot sale you should wait until you have finished the clearance, if you are selling them privately then you can start advertising them straight away. Label boxes ‘SELL’.

• Donate boxes: take this to a charity shop when you have finished the clearance. Label boxes ‘DONATE’.

• Recycle boxes: put all recycling together and sort through it once you have finished the clearance. Label boxes ‘RECYCLING’

• Rubbish: put these straight outside with the general waste and rubbish.

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How a clearance company can help:

Hiring a clearance company has many benefits and can help to take the stress out of a house clearance, and most importantly disposing of your rubbish. Services that a clearance company can provide are:

• Some companies are able to do the de-cluttering for you, sorting through the stuff in the house so that you don’t have to. This is particularly useful if for instance, you are a landlord who is clearing out a house after a tenant has left.

• Most companies will have all the materials and supplies that are required for the job as well as contacts should you require assistance with something that is outside their expertise.

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• Clearance companies will recycle your belongings for you, and some companies will even tell you where they have been recycled. This saves you a great deal of time not having to separate your recycling and then find somewhere that can accept it. Companies are licenced to dispose of waste.

• Companies will either have insurance included or will be able to offer it for an additional charge, this helps to protect you, your house and your belongings.

• May be able to offer additional services such as cleaning services.

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Jay Malnik

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