Getting Crafty by Recycling Paper

Posted on 28/10/2020

Amazing Recycled Paper Crafts

paper recycling

Paper never has to go to the junk disposal heap. It is the easiest thing in the world to recycle as there are simply so many things you can do with paper. Even if you don’t want to do anything and throw it away, at least call the rubbish collection service so that it can go for waste recycling. 100% of paper is recyclable, more than any other household thing you use, and you use paper on a daily basis. But, ironically, sometimes recycling might feel like a bit of a waste, considering that you can just use your imagination and creativity and make something new out of all that used paper at home. And here are a few ideas you can contemplate for the next time you are doing your house clearance:

#1 – Make a Paper Container

If you are handy and patient enough, you can make all sorts of containers out of paper. The one that requires the most work is the paper basket container made of rolled up paper for every row. Paper baskets can be useful for all sorts of things – yarn, clothes, toys, pencils and so on. Using the same method, you can make paper cups or paper bowls. The options for containers are truly endless. Well, except for liquid containers. Water does not play nice with paper, so don’t attempt that or the waste disposal will come earlier than anticipated.

pencil holder

#2 – Make Covers

A lot of newspapers can be used for covers. Now, maybe you won’t be up for the idea of using newspaper as wallpaper to cover the walls, but you might be more open to wrap up and cover a vase for a more hipster-style look. You can do the same for pretty much every object at home so long as you don’t like its original outlook and don’t have any better ideas. You can even make table covers, though those won’t stick for long, depending on your tableside manners and ‘accidents factor’.


#3 – Create Hats

Kids will love their new hats. You can learn to do all sorts of hats out of paper for your children to enjoy. Just browse some YouTube videos on the topic and try not to bore the kids out with the painter’s hats. They can amuse them only for so long.

recycled paper hat

#4 – Do Origami

This is maybe the most mentally practical thing you can do with your paper. Learn the shapes and then, even if you don’t have origami paper, sit down and start producing shapes. Origami culture is amazing because: a) it gives you time for meditation, b) folding paper can be relaxing, c) you learn to make a variety of shapes to use as decorations or to give to your kids to enjoy, and d) if you believe it, people say that if you fold 1,000 origami cranes a wish may come true. Even if you just want to do the latter, folding origami is a great way to replace the paper waste disposal.

waste paper origami

#5 – Make Bangles / Wristlets

You can also make decorations for yourself. A paper wristlet will draw attention to your fashion choices and creativity more times than not. Pick out paper (or newspaper or paper napkins - for decoupage), fold, chain up, string up, and then circle it up and make sure you can put it on your wrist. And then show off to whomever you can.

paper-covered bangle

#6 – Make a Paper Fan

Summer is quite a lot easier to enjoy with a fan in hand. Use some tutorial videos on how to make an oriental paper fan. Add layers to make it more durable, add the right paper (or newspaper) to add decorations and make it stylish, and then enjoy.

DIY paper fan

All this is a better way to do your junk clearance. Simply take the paper out of the junk collection heap and give it another go to see what you can do with it to make it useful again rather than dumping it in the rubbish disposal bin.

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