Downsizing Another Reason for a House Clearance

Posted on 28/10/2020

Common Reason Why People Downsize Their Home

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The most common reason why people downsize their home is after their children have move out they realise they have too much room. A large house with many bedrooms can feel very empty if there are only one or two people living in it. There are many other reasons why you choose to purchase a smaller house, maybe your financial situation is forcing you to rethink your living arrangements. Whatever the reason for the move, there is one thing many people overlook. It is very easy to accumulate various belongings over the years and it isn’t until they try to cram it into a smaller house that they realise just how much they have. Considering this issue before the big move can make things far less stressful and even save you money.

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The best thing you can do it start early, as soon as you decide you are going to move, begin looking at your possessions and asking yourself ‘do I really need this’. Anything that isn’t needed or wanted can be sold, donated or recycled, try not to throw things away unless necessary. This process will gradually thin out all your possessions and leave you with things that will fit more easily into your new home. The best option is to try and sell as many of your unwanted items as possible, this way you will make some money to put towards removals expenses, if you choose to use a removals company.

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The next step comes when you begin boxing up everything ready for moving day. What you want to do is group anything you have decided where to put in the new place. Old photos or sentimental items normally falling into this category, you may choose to store these items in a loft or hidden storage space. Grouping them together now will make it much easier to re-home them in one go; when you have all items mixed up in your boxes it can be very hectic when you begin un-boxing. Try to view the new property as much as possible, if possible take photos, this will allow you to plan where you wish to put your belongings before hand, saving you hours of decision making surrounded by boxes and furniture.

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You may wish to hire and van and take on the moving task yourself, if this is your plan make sure you pack your boxes suitable and safely and that you’re possessions are insured during transit. Most removals company services will include this insurance and possibly a boxing up service, depending on the company you choose. If you haven’t been able to rid yourself of unwanted junk, it is possible to acquire a company to collect and remove these items before or on the day of the move. Be sure to use a reputable company, rogue clearance companies will either rip you off or ‘fly-tip’ your waste, damaging your wallet and the environment. If you do decide to use a clearance company, it is always important to sort through the items for collection thoroughly before allowing them to be taken. It a horrible feeling when you’ve had ten bags of junk collected and then a few days later your passport or driving licence is missing.

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So remember to consider how many items you actually own and do your best to sort out what you don’t need. If you are downsizing your home, it stands to reason you will need to downsize your possessions. You will also save yourself money, if for example you manage to shed half of your belongings; you may also half the amount spent on removals charges.

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