Dos And Don’ts Of House Clearance

Posted on 28/10/2020

Things You Should Consider For House Clearance

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Everyone wants to have to have not only a good-looking house, but also a healthy one. Most of us consider cleaning chores the only way to maintain a truly clean home. However, there is a bigger task which we all have to do every once in a while. It’s called house clearance and it’s a big undertaking, especially if you live in a big house and have an attic or a garage. So what exactly is house clearance and what does it involve? It’s a process of getting rid of clutter, unwanted items, useless belongings and then cleaning and disinfecting the entire area. It also includes recycling, donating or item and even selling some. House clearance should be done every 2-3 years, as soon as you feel that you don’t have much space in the house anymore. Just like with any other house chore, there are certain dos and don’ts which are the so called deal breakers. If you are planning to do house clearance without hiring professional services, then this article will help you out considerably. Here are the things you should consider.

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Do: Know what the clearance involves. You can’t take out the old upholstery or the rusty sport equipment and assume that this is enough. You need a strong detergent to deal with the dirt, the mold, the rust and any other issues left after the removal.

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Do: Plan in advance. Pick the weekend or the day for the house clearance and make sure that the members of your family are ready to help. This is not a chore for one person. If you can’t afford to pay for professional house clearance services, you need to be well-prepared and know what you are getting yourself into. Some belongings may need to be given for storage so check the facilities in your area and choose one.

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Don’t: Rush the process. This is a big mistake as house clearance is a process of really cleaning and clearing one’s house, thus making it look its best. If it takes days, then don’t worry – it’s how it is supposed to be when you want perfect results.

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Do: Organize the family. This is the easiest way to manage and finish with everything within a reasonable timeframe. Make sure everyone has their own task so you don’t stand on each other’s way all the time.

Don’t: Forget the equipment. That’s right – a house clearance is best done with the right equipment. Rent or buy a dolly or two, get some strong detergent and mildew and rust remover, prepare the bin bags and decide what you can take for recycling.

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Do: Organize the recycling. If you can’t take a trip to the recycling point, call a company that can do this for you. You can even make some cash by giving old items for recycling.

be realistic about waste

Do: Be realistic. You need to be realistic throughout the whole clearance process. Get rid of old and broken items that you know you won’t use any time soon. Sell the ones that are still in good condition, but useless to you. Be reasonable and rid yourself of the clutter that makes your home dirty and messy. This will guarantee a cleaner and healthier living area and you will feel much better after the clearance.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

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