Don't Throw These Away! 8 Items to Reuse

Posted on 24/11/2015

Things You Should Never Throw Out

8 Items to Reuse

When in the middle of home clearance, you will definitely stumble upon things you have no need for and the first thought in your mind will be “Let’s throw this away!” But hold on a minute. Are you sure that those items are junk that needs disposing of? People are rarely aware that most of the things they throw out actually still have some practical value and can be reused or repurposed for different situations or occasions. So when you do start doing property clearance and end up with a pile of supposed rubbish, go through it one more time, and this time use your imagination. How many of these things can still be of some use?

1. Old Newspapers
These are literally yesterday’s news, yes, but there is still some life in them. What happens when you have to move away? Newspapers and cardboard are exactly that. Save yourself the price of several boxes of brand new bubble-wrap when you can use newspapers for the same purpose.

2. Old Clothes
You shouldn’t immediately throw away clothes just because you have outgrown them or they have “gone out of style”. Clothes like T-shirts and undergarments can be useful cloths for days when cleaning duty calls. Don’t discard them in the rubbish pile – at the very least you can donate them or sell them to a second-hand store to be reused by somebody else.

3. Jars
People often finish up with the contents of the jar and then throw the jar away. That is very wasteful, indeed. Jars can have many purposes, at the very least they can be used as glass cups, or, if you are one to pickle things, you can store jars for the next crop to pickle in. And they can also be simple containers for paperclips, pens, pencils and so on.

4. Tyres
A used tire is not a worthless one. Your kid will be very grateful if you make a swing in the garden out of that old tire if you have the proper tree to hold it. Or, they can be used as pots for your planting. Or decorations in your garden. Or the garden itself can consist of circles of tyres where you plant your crops. The possibilities are many, so why throw tyres away?

5. Used Wood
Broken furniture, old planks and others alike can still be of use for the cold winter season when you need kindling and firewood. Alternatively, they can be used to remake something else, like a dog house.

6. Envelopes
A used envelope is still a blank piece of paper on the inside, so why not use it as such instead of throwing it away? Useful for kindling as well, so you can save it only till winter comes.

7. Bags
A used grocery bag is still a bag which can be used in your next grocery shopping. Or maybe you can use it for your rubbish bins instead of spending money on rubbish bags.

8. Garden Waste
Sure, the weeds, leaves, and other waste that gathers in  your garden has no practical use for your house or as decorations, but you can still use it for compost. If you are a gardener, you know how important fertile soil is, so why not learn to make your own fertilizer via composting?

As you can see, everything has its reuse value, so don’t be so quick at throwing things away when they can serve you with something else. Postpone the skip hire until you are sure of what you want gone from your house and what you can get more use out of.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

As a seasoned expert in waste disposal, Jay has spent over a decade refining spaces from disarray to order. Specializing in efficient rubbish removal techniques, their steadfast dedication to sustainability positions them as a reliable choice for clients seeking to declutter their homes or businesses.

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