DIY Ideas: Reusing CDs and DVDs

Posted on 08/09/2015

Reuse Ideas for CDs and DVDs

Reuse Old CDs

With the progressing technology bringing in more and more ways to store information and new data holders, the old ones become obsolete. Audiocassettes appeared to replace vinyl records, CDs appeared to replace VHS tapes and audiocassettes, DVDs appeared to replace CDs, and now the BluRay disc has appeared to replace everything else. If you are the type that gets into new technology fast, then surely one day while in the middle of house clearance you will end up beside a pile of old and unusable CDs and DVDs because your new BluRay player does not support them, and you might wonder what to do with them. Junk disposal is one way to deal with them, sure, but why throw out something in such a good condition? Well, the only limit to reusing them is your imagination. If you are creative and handy enough, you can do pretty much everything with them, but if you still need some ideas to prod your imagination into action, then you have come to the right place.

• CDs and DVDs are excellent coasters. You no longer have to go to the penny store to buy piles and piles of ugly coasters when your favourite retro singer can fulfil that role instead. Discs will also last longer than coasters. The only problem you may encounter is that the disc itself can scratch the surface you are trying to protect, so before putting them to good use, you can add a softer layer on the bottom side with a circle of cloth or any other material you wish.

Old CDs and DVDs Recycling

• CDs and DVDs can make excellent decorations. You can string them up together with a small chain or wire or string, and make hanging ornaments around the house. This exercise allows you to experiment all you want and even make shapes or figures with the lines of stringed discs, showing off the different sides of your creativity.

CD Decoration

• Even more, they can be parts of a decoration. There is this thing called “disc art” where people draw shapes and patterns on the readable surface of the disc with paint or markers. You can do just that, and then hang them up near paintings or other parts of the decor, or why not even get a canvas and make a combination of them a whole separate painting.

Reusing and Recycling CDs

• A very cool idea you can use is to make the discs into light reflectors for your driveway. Whine up the yard at night and announce that you are coming back from work with a disc shining like no neighbour can boast with.

• Cutting the CDs and DVDs apart can make room for even more decoration ideas. The pieces of disc can later be used in a variety of combinations as mosaic art which you will create. Let your imagination run wild and think of all the bands or movies you always wanted to see together and make your own pattern next to the mirror, or make a whole new poster for your room.

CDs Recycling

• Of course, when all else does not appeal to you, do not immediately think waste disposal. There is still Halloween! You can literally make yourself into a disco ball by stitching the discs on your Halloween clothes, or make a whole new costume that will surprise your friends.

DIY Ideas for Reusing CDs

Use your imagination and next time you find a CD or DVD during a domestic clearance, don’t immediately think rubbish, but think it as the next part of a decoration you had in mind. The options are almost limitless, and you can make use of every one of them.

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