Christmas Waste Recycling Ideas

Posted on 28/10/2020

Ideas to Recycle and Minimize Waste this Christmas

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Christmas is coming and you should get ready for it and the whole holiday week leading up to New Year’s Eve. Organise a house clearance to get rid of the items you no longer need. Prepare for the holidays so that when the time comes to invite your family and friends over, you will have all the space you need. But don’t be too hasty in your decision to send all your old items to the waste disposal heap just yet. Sort through all the rubbish you collected when doing the rubbish clearance and keep the items that you can put to good use. Of all the junk collection in front of you, there should be quite a few items you can use in your Christmas décor or presents, or some kind of use other than disposing of them in the rubbish bin. Here are some ideas on how to go green by recycling waste before Christmas. Get creative instead of wasting away and risking pollution.

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Old Paper

There is so much you can do with old paper. You can use it for gift wrapping, to make Christmas wreaths, it can even be a paper wreath if you don’t own or have any intention to buy a real one. Get creative and you will save some money. It can serve its purpose and after the holidays are over you can simply send it for waste disposal. There are also many decorations you can make out of paper, depending on the type of paper – old drawings, mail, Christmas or holiday cards, and so on. Use your imagination and think about what you can make out of it.

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Old Crates

How good are you with carving? If you are very good at it, then you should definitely find a lot to do with the old crates that are taking space in the attic or the cellar. If not, you can actually incorporate the crates in the process of gift giving. Put the presents inside them and wrap them up in gift paper to hide the size and weight of all the gifts. That will throw all expectations off and people will have to wait for Christmas Eve to figure out what they will get instead of guessing by the size or shape of the gift. Be creative and get some entertainment out of the curious stares decorated crates will get.

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Old Bottles

With so many bottles around, you will surely be tempted to add them all to the rubbish disposal heap. But don’t be so hasty – bottles can be just as useful as crates and paper. For one, you can use them in combination with Christmas socks and make the placing of the smaller gifts that much easier. In other cases, you can just use the bottles as more colourful decorations. Combine them with old paper and put the scissors to good use, and you can muster up many different shapes, figurines, or colourful containers for smaller items.

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There are many things you can do to be eco-friendly around Christmas. Use your creativity when you are preparing for the Christmas holidays and you will get unique decorations and will save some cash in the process. Carrying out a home clearance can be the best way to get a spacious and well-decorated home for Christmas. Think about what kind of décor you can create taking advantage of your clutter and you will have enough material to use.

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