5 Things You Should Never Throw Away

Posted on 06/10/2015

Items You Should Never Throw Away

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Admit it, after every single home clearance you always end up with a heap of items which you perceive as useless, so they always end up as a subject of waste disposal. But are they really waste? Are all of them really so unneeded, so useless, that you immediately think rubbish removal once you lay eyes on them and there is no other option for them other than the snugness of the rubbish bin? You should know, then, that not everything you have and perceive as rubbish should actually end up at the bottom of a bin. Many items have a huge longevity before they start outliving their usefulness, and when throwing some of them away you are neglecting the fact that they can save you money and time. How? Here are five examples of items that you should not throw away.

1. Food Containers
A container will never cease to be useful. Any plastic box you have will only stop being useful once it has been punctured, cut, or smashed. An ice cream box can become a spice box, a box for small toys, a box for food leftovers, a box for eggs, a box for sugar or herbs or pens or pencils, and so on. You can continue using them either for storage, or if you want to take something small somewhere, like a piece of cake, or an éclair. Sounds very useful, right?

Recycle Food Containers

2. Newspapers
Now, why throw a perfectly fine newspaper for junk disposal? You can still do so much with newspapers. You can use them for window cleaning, you can use them for a scrapbook, you can use them as wrapping paper if you need to pack for relocation, you can use them for stuffing if you want to prevent a pair of shoes from being creased. A newspaper can be used to make paper hats or padding for protection when you are repainting the home. And, a newspaper can be used as protective paper for when you are doing house clearance and you need a place to heap up all the items for rubbish removal. How useful is that?

Old Newspapers Collection

3. Food Scraps
Oh, come on, if you are a gardener, throwing away food scraps is the last thing you should do. Ever heard of composting? You can make all the organic leftovers into something useful, a nice fertilizer to keep your garden healthy and active. And even if you are not a gardener, you can still find some use for some of the leftovers. Orange, lemon, and grapefruit leftovers can bring a refreshing fragrance to your room. Other vegetable bits can be combined and thrown into the freezer, and once winter comes, you can take them out and Google vegetable stock. You’ll know what to do then.

Food Scraps Composting

4. Glass Jars
Again, containers will always have their use. Even though it no longer has the luxury of containing jam, a glass jar can be used as a cup, as a spoon and fork holder, as a pen and pencil holder, a place for your paperclips and staples, a place for small toys or decorations, a place for leftover thread or yarn strings, or just general storage for your leftovers.

Glass Recycling

5. Plastic Grocery Bags
While this is not very healthy, as plastic bags are better used for recycling, it will save you a lot of money. Every single time you go to the store, you need to buy a grocery bag. Well, instead, you can take the last one you bought and use that for the trip home. Alternatively, they can be used as rubbish bags and then you will be using them for both their purposes. They are convenient, take little space, come in all sizes, and can be used for storage in your attic, basement or garage at any time. So why throw them away?

Plastic Bags Recycling

At the end of the day (especially one spent in home clearance) there will always be items which you should think about twice before throwing to the junk disposal pile. Every item has at least a second life in it, and the aforementioned ones can be useful for a very long time in a variety of ways.

Jay Malnik
Jay Malnik

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