5 Items People Often Forget To Recycle

Posted on 28/10/2020

Most Common Items That People Forget to Recycle

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It is the responsibility of everyone on this planet to recycle. Many people look at recycling and figure that they don't need to because everyone else is. This is wrong. Everyone should recycle if they want to protect the environment. Even if you do recycle and you think that you are doing everything right, there are certain things that you might not be recycling and you should.

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1. Bathroom Products

In 2015, the organisation Keep America Beautiful conducted a study about waste recycling at home. They found that people who responded to their survey didn't recycle products in the bathroom. The major reason that was stated for failing to recycle these items was that there was no recycle bin in the bathroom. The most common items that usually don't go into waste recycling bin, but should be included are empty toothpaste tube, shampoo bottles, shaving cream cans, and toilet paper rolls. If you are guilty of throwing these items into the regular trash, you should put a second wastebasket in the bathroom designated for recyclables rather than for waste disposal.

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2. Receipts

Most people take their receipts and stuff them in a handbag or in their pocket. When they get home, the receipts go right in the trash that goes into the rubbish removal van. Some people throw away their receipts even before they leave the store parking lot. If you get a receipt that is on a shiny, smooth piece of paper, it cannot be recycled because it is coated with a toxic chemical. If the receipt is on plain paper with a matte finish, it can be recycled. Rather than throwing all of your receipts into the trash, recycle the ones that you can. If the store that you are buying merchandise from offers to email you the receipt, take them up on it. This is much better for the environment and helps you save money on rubbish clearance.

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3. Ink Cartridges

Unfortunately, you can’t just throw an empty ink cartridge into the recycling bin. This is the main reason that most people don't recycle them and they end up in the trash and get taken away in the rubbish disposal truck. You should consider asking the office supply store in your area if they have an ink cartridge recycling program. There are some stores, such as Staples, who offer a reward program. At Staples, you can earn $2 for each cartridge that you recycle up to 10 cartridges per month. Many other retailers have followed in their footsteps. When you buy your ink cartridges, you should ask about their recycling policy.

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4. Paper

Paper is considered one of the easiest products for waste collection and recycling. It may seem strange, however, paper is the least recycled item on the planet. It is estimated that only half of the paper used in the United Kingdom gets recycled. Many people have started recycling paper at home, but the office is a different story. It is very easy to crumble up a piece of paper and throw it in the trash, forgetting about it completely. To avoid this problem, you should talk to your supervisor about putting recycle bins around the office. This will make it easier and more convenient to recycle paper at work and it will reduce your rubbish removal expenses.

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5. Plastic Bags

When most people return home from a shopping trip, they put their groceries away and they throw their shopping bags in the trash. Since shopping bags are made out of recycled materials, they should be recycled. Most major supermarkets today have a recycling program in the store. Each time you go shopping at the store, you can return the bags from your previous visit to be recycled. If you request paper bags at the supermarket, those can be recycled as well. If you don't want to go through the hassle of recycling your shopping bags, you should start bringing reusable bags to the store. These bags are the most environmentally friendly. If you avoid buying plastic bags you will reduce the amount of items you have to handle when doing a house clearance.

Waste disposal and recycling is everyone's responsibility. It is important to know what should be recycled and make sure that you are doing it every time.

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