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What exactly
a 'clearance'

The meaning that we at London House Clearance put in this word is that this is the process where you get rid of all the unnecessary items you've collected throughout the years. And the tricky thing here is that you won't do it yourself. We'll do it for you! And not only that, but it will be done reasonably and extremely well. House, office and garden clearances are among the main services that our company provides. Whether you want only one item to disappear from your sight or a full clearance of premises, you should consider hiring us as professionals in that area. No engagement regarding clearance is too small or too big of a challenge for us. We look at every clearance as our next project for helping people see the last of their unwanted items.

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Recycling and Reusing

What happens with the items after they've been taken away? We try to make sure that they'll be recycled or reused, when possible, because we do care about the environment. But for the items that this is impossible, we have another option. They will have to be disposed at the waste places intended for this purpose. When talking about being environmentally friendly, the thing we have in mind is that we make our best to sell or donate the things that can be reused. And be sure that the ones which can, will be recycled by all means. We don't want to leave you with the impression that everything will be dumped somewhere without the slightest care about nature.

If you have to deal with a clearance, the first thing that pops out in your head is probably all the hassle around the whole process. But not anymore! London House Clearance is always at your service in hard times like this. Instead of thinking things over and over again, wondering how you'd cope with this situation and worrying about running out of time, the simplest thing you could do is dial our phone number which is 020 3540 8016. A quick consultation with us won't do you any harm. In fact, it we'll be really helpful especially if you have some additional questions about services that aren't mentioned in our website.

Affordable Home Clearance

If your house or the one of a departed relative has to be cleared because you want to sell or let it, we are the ones you can turn to for professional help.

Rest assured that everything will be done as agreed, and the place will be left neat and tidy. If you want us to do a full clearance, it means removing everything, such as furniture, carpets, curtains and kitchen appliances together with other small items. But, first, we listen to your requirements and then, we take action. We don't undertake anything on our own account before discussing it with you because we strive to avoid misunderstandings. When you call us for a home clearance, we have to know the size of your house and if there will be anything out of the ordinary that has to be taken. Thus we'll be aware of what kind of a vehicle to send. Then, we can fix a date that is suitable for you. And even if you can't be there personally, we'll arrange something to get the keys. That's how easy it's going to be if you hire our company. Leave your concerns to us, and you'll be rewarded with a perfectly cleared property when you get back to check what we've done.

Domestic Rubbish Removal

There are some special cases, such as a clearance of a deceased's home. Sometimes relatives can't be present due to long distances, but that shouldn't stop you from using our services. We can provide photos of what we started with and what we ended up with after the clearance. Our company can take care of any clearance. Even if the most uncommon circumstances stand in our way, we'll try hard to figure something out. That's why you should call us first and explain what's your situation, and what you expect us to do for you.

Rubbish Clearance
Office Clearance

If you need an office clearing, we are again the ones you should call. Why? Because an office clearance should be done by the professionals and that's us. We always follow the established standards for clearing office equipment. When we deal with office clearances, we always comply with the best practices in the branch. As we already mentioned, we aspire to achieve high levels of reusing and recycling. Have in mind that if office equipment is going to be reused, it should be treated carefully which we're aware of.

With garden clearances our company has the same thorough approach. As far as garden waste goes, we remove it all without a bit of complaints. We'll bring the necessary tools with us, and you can only enjoy the final result. Fallen leaves and branches, as well as any rubbish, will be taken out of your garden in no time. And it will be disposed in the proper way, no doubt about it. You'll have to trust us that your waste will go wherever it's supposed to go – at the indicated for the purpose sites.

Rubbish Disposal Truck Hire

We're not only an environmentally friendly company but a customer-friendly one as well. This means that all our employees, whether the office or the clearance staff, treat you with respect. That's the least we can do if we want to be among the winners in the branch. And we do want to stay on this position as long as possible. That's why we do our utmost for any clearing job we're hired. It doesn't matter if it's only one piece of furniture or an entire house, we guarantee that we can manage with any clearance situation we're put in. Just as a reminder, we'll leave our phone number once again, in case you want to call us right after finishing reading. Here you are: 020 3540 8016.

Our Testimonials
K. Day 2023/07/19
The rubbish removal job, removing everything in just one collection, it would've been difficult for another company. Luckily, I went with this company. They assured me all it'd take to get everything cleared would be one collection. They weren't wrong.
Jocelyn F 2023/07/05
I didn't have the means to visit my local recycling centre to get rid of my green waste. So, I hired this firm for garden waste removal instead. They presented me with an easier option. I took full advantage.
L. Burnett 2023/07/02
The loft clearance team had to contend with a dusty, seriously dirty loft. It didn't faze their professionals. I found what they were able to do for me to be very impressive.
R. Plant 2023/06/26
Their loft clearance team carried everything out of my loft and out of my house without creating a mess, without scratching the walls or anything. It was a great, very professional service.

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